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Canelo vs GGG fall 2017



After boxing fans had to wait five years for the super fight between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, they will again have to weight for another super fight. When Gennady Golovkin (35-0,32 Kos) knocked out Domnic Wade April 23rd and Canelo Alvarez ( 47-1-1, 33 KOs) knocked to Amir Khan May 7th it was suppose to set up a match between the two winners in the fall.  Both Oscar De La Hoya and Alvarez expressed heavy interest during the post fight interview following the Amir Khan knockout. Oscar claimed he would call Glolovkin’s managers that following morning, but there was no evidence that he did that.

GGG and K2 promotions Tom Loeffler wanted the fight as soon as possible, but Canelo Alvarez and Golden Boy Promotions made numerous excuses for ducking GGG.

Fortunately Golden Boy and Alvarez want the Golovkin-Alverez fight to happen they just want to wait until Fall 2017.  According to golden boy they want Alvarez to be comfortable at the true middleweight division weight of 160 pounds. Technically Alvarez fought his last two fights at Middleweight but it was at respective catch weights of 152 and 155 pounds. They want Alvarez to have a title defense at the 160 weight September 17th against a lesser opponent to get warmed up for Glolovkin.


canelo vs ggg

“I met with Eric on Monday, and we had a good, good conversation, and the plan was they want to shoot for fall of 2017,” Loeffler told “It’s not going to happen in September of this year, so we’ll use the time to build the fight. We wanted the fight in [this past] May.

“It’s Gennady’s priority to make the Canelo fight as soon as possible, but Golden Boy felt next year would make the most sense on the promotional side and with the weight as well.”

Golovkin 35-0, 32 Kos) who has 22 straight knockout wins and 16 straight successful title defenses is seen by many as the aggressor and the favorite to win the fight. Unfortunately for him is that Alverez is the bigger name so Alvarez dictates the situation. They will still have to negotiate the financial part for the fight in 2017, which can be a long process.

“I believe that Canelo wants to fight Gennady. I don’t think he is afraid of Gennady, but I think Golden Boy wants to build up the fight, and the time also gives Canelo time to get to 160 pounds,” Loeffler said. “We can jump up and down all we want, but it won’t help us get the deal. We have to focus on continuing to build Gennady. The bigger we can make Gennady, the bigger we can make that fight with Canelo, as long as we have to wait.”

GGG is likely to fight in the fall as well and is likely that he will fight Chris Eubank jr. (22-1,17 kos)  the son of former middleweight and super middleweight champion Chris Eubank Sr.

“I’ve been talking to Eddie about Eubank Jr., and Eddie said as soon as [Saturday’s] fight is over, we will see if we can move forward with that fight,” Loeffler said, adding that if it is made, Golovkin likely would travel to England for the bout.

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