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Welcome to Dodger town #6: A week in review

Well here we are again. The Dodgers are 5-5 over their last 10 once again, as of Sunday Night. Though they are over .500 by 3 games the inconsistent hitting and lack of pitching depth have hurt the Dodgers. Some positives and negatives?
JulioUrias2Positive: Urias is getting better, fast. In his last 14 innings pitched he has only given up 3 runs. He continues to improve every start blanking the Brewers in his 5 innings of work last night(Friday night). The future for Urias remains unclear as the Dodgers may send him back down. In my opinion why not leave him up? I understand not wanting to stunt his growth but he has proven he has Major League stuff let him learn up in the Majors. Understandably there will be games he gets lit up, but right now the Dodgers don’t have 5 studs in the rotation battling for Urias’s spot. Leave him up and keep his pitch limit at 90.

Positive: Seager continues to shine and at this point should absolutely be in the conversation for the all star game. Defensively and offensively Seager has impressed everyone as a rookie. With the second most home runs behind Machado and Story(tied for 1st at 17) he continues to sharpen his skills. Mabye not this year but in the coming years he will definitely be in the all star game, for now being in the conversation is a compliment. The Dodger organization seems to have found a real up and coming star in Seager.

kentaMaeda2Negative: The Giants are showing no signs of slowing down. 7-3 in their last 10 (2 of those coming against the Dodgers to add insult to injury) they are on a tear. Sitting atop the NL West at 42-26 the Giants are a force to be reckoned with. They will continue to be all the way to the post season but the hope is that at some point they will slow down. The Dodgers need to pick it up so when the Giants do slow they, at the very least, can close the gap atop the NL West.

Sigh of relief of the week: Maeda didn’t miss his scheduled start. In an already weak starting rotation Maeda was above average at times and one of the better pitchers in the rotation behind Kershaw missing him for a few starts would have hurt. He goes against Garza on Sunday at the Ravine. Maeda’s Health will be key to the Dodgers season. If Maeda goes down the Dodgers could stumble severely.

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