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Stone Cold Podcast with A.J. Styles


For wrestling geeks, like myself, these are programs you absolutely love to watch.  Stone Cold Steve Austin has worked very hard to make these interviews on his podcasts into must listen programming.  He makes the effort to relate to his guests, which has worked out beautifully.  Austin’s guests open up to him in a way that you may never hear them speak so candidly otherwise.  The stories they tell rival many in depth interviews & frankly, are much more entertaining.

AJStylestattooTNAAustin’s guest Monday night was A.J. Styles following Raw in Phoenix, Arizona.  The interview was an hour long, as usual.  (It’s really hard to keep an East Coast audience past midnight.)  Austin & Styles chronicled his journey from adolescence to his current state at age 37.  Styles began by talking about his father, a former marine, that was an abusive alcoholic. He had a poor childhood, living in a trailer in Georgia.  Styles couldn’t even play organized football until 9th grade because there were no teams at the schools. He played many sports with friends instead. Baseball, football, basketball, and others. He would eventually be talked into amateur wrestling & would excel in it. Styles received a scholarship to Anderson College, where he would continue wrestling. A.J. told a great story about it & by watching his facial reactions, you could see the type of fiery competitor he is. Styles would eventually drop out of college, which would show him the road to professional wrestling.  The story started off funny, but became extremely interesting when Styles talked about the pros & cons of having an amateur wrestling background.  There were situations & nuances that Styles spoke about that would be hard to imagine for any fan, but as with most amateurs that turn pro, the conversion came quickly.

I don’t want to give away the entire interview, because it’s very good & worth watching, so I’ll briefly say that A.J. covered his run from WCW to TNA to ROH to NJPW to WWE & covered it thoroughly.  He spoke about his major influences as a performer, his wrestling style influences, & the inspiration for his unique move sets.  His comments about the WWE were profusely positive & it didn’t seem forced.  The 18 year veteran said WWE has “treated him like gold” & is “the most professional place I’ve ever worked”.

When the interview began, Austin was driving the bus.  Eventually, he handed A.J. the keys which is when a lot of the great stories would emerge.  The two had an interesting conversation about crowd noise that rises to the top ceiling in very large stadiums, dampening the audience for the performers in the ring.  Another talking point that would be hard for any fan to imagine.AJ-Styles-RAWCenter

Finally, I’d be remiss if I did not mention Austin’s shout out to the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James, & especially Kevin Love.  In case you had not heard, the Cavaliers rebounded from a 3-1 series deficit to come back & win the NBA Championship on Sunday night.  But in the postgame celebration, Kevin Love put on a vintage Austin 3:16 T-shirt.  He also donned an Austin Smoking Skull Championship belt.


Then in true Stone Cold fashion, Love smashed 2 beers together & guzzled them both down simultaneously.

kevin-love-62116-usnews-ftr_a7r0bdyiuzdb1jhnyogdvqnl5 austin

Well Austin went out of his way to acknowledge this moment on his televised podcast, & ended with his stamp of approval….”OH HELL YEAAAAH!”


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