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3 Impacts From Impact

Summer has officially arrived, and as hot as the weather is outside, it’s hotter inside the Impact Zone! What stood out the most in this heated up edition of Impact? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact:

Without question, Hardy’s Revenge stood out above all of the rest. Six Sides of Steel; Jeff Hardy against his brother, the “Broken” Matt Hardy, in what should definitely be the final chapter in this bitter sibling rivalry. We all knew that Jeff would walk out victorious, but it was a question of how he would do so. In true Jeff Hardy fashion, the Charismatic Enigma placed his treacherous brother on one table, and placed one above him. After that, Jeff dove from the top of the cage and dove through BOTH tables to eventually defeat the fallen Matt. So that’s done, and now the million-dollar question:  Where does Jeff go from here?

We have a new X Division Champion, and it’s Mike Bennett. First off, let me voice my extreme displeasure over how TNA could do this to Eddie Edwards. Here’s a guy who worked hard to get a singles title, and sadly, Eddie’s insertion into the singles title picture came when his Wolves tag team partner, Davey Richards, was injured. But the circumstances aside, Eddie is one of the most phenomenal competitors in TNA, so him winning the X Division Championship at a huge PPV like Slammiversary is not only a feather in Eddie’s cap, but the entire X Division as a whole. Yet they had him lose the title to Mike Bennett nine days after winning it. Actually, since the episode was taped last week, Eddie didn’t have that title for a week! But lost in all this, storyline wise, was that Dixie Carter took a leave of absence, which was suggested by Billy Corgan, who later made the X Division Title match for the evening. So not only does Eddie get jobbed out of a title he worked hard for, but TNA really is leaning toward having Corgan in the proverbial corner of Mike and Maria. Thin ice, TNA.

Entering last night’s Impact, Lashley had to worry about either EC3 or Drew Galloway, with the worries continuing after the duo defeated Lashley and Eli Drake to start the program. Now, due to Lashley’s refusal to defend his title against either of them, Dixie set next week’s main event:  Lashley vs EC3 vs Drew for the World Title. Now Lashley has to worry about EC3 and Drew at the same time, and has a week to prepare. It should be a fantastic main event, and honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if they do have EC3 win it, probably to set up EC3 vs Bennett again, now that Bennett has the X Division Title and Destination X is on the horizon.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Two title matches next week; not only the World Title, but Sienna will defend the Knockouts Championship for the first time against TNA’s newest Hall of Famer, Gail Kim! Until then!

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