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Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest edition of the Women’s Wrestling Wrap-Up, which details everything in women’s wrestling in the past week, beginning with Monday’s Raw and ending with Money In The Bank PPV.

Raw saw Women’s Champion Charlotte fall once again to Paige in a non-title match, after Charlotte decided to take the time to trash talk guest commentators Natalya and Becky Lynch, while Dana Brooke pushed her partner-in-crime into the ring. It was after the match that Charlotte appeared to show her true colors to Dana Brooke and basically put all the blame on her for the loss, basically threatening to cut ties with her if another mishap happens.

gail-kim-tna-hall-of-fameTuesday’s Impact Wrestling featured the announcement that Gail Kim will be TNA’s first female Hall of Famer, and she will join the impressive group that includes Sting, Kurt Angle, Team 3D, Jeff Jarrett, and Earl Hebner. Jade got her hands on Marti Bell just two days after her former Dollhouse cohort cost Jade the Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary. However, the biggest moment came from TNA President Dixie Carter, who had enough of Maria’s verbal and slightly physical assault towards her, and delivered a slap to the self-proclaimed First Lady’s face.

Wednesday featured Carmella and Tessa Blanchard in action on NXT, while Bayley (who turned 27 this past Saturday) vowed to become NXT Women’s Champion once again. Ivelisse and Taya competed for a Lucha Underground Championship opportunity in the Six To Survive match that engulfed the entire hour. On the next night’s SmackDown, Charlotte and Dana Brooke got back on track, when the former defeated Natalya one-on-one.

Though Ivelisse failed to win Six To Survive, she won big at Shine Wrestling’s SHINE 35 event this past Friday. Ivelisse was announced as the additional fifth combatant in Shine’s first-ever Money In The Bank match, which included a briefcase but no ladder, of course. Ivelisse defeated Kellie Skater, Nicole Matthews, Santana Garrett, and Mia Yim in the elimination match, to win a title opportunity anytime she wants it. However, the resurgent Ivelisse did not want to wait any longer, and decided to cash in her opportunity during the main event later that night in the mega championship main event, which pitted SHINE Champion Taylor Made, SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles, and Knockouts Champion Allysin Kay against each other. The match became a four-way match, and Ivelisse pinned Taylor Made to become Shine’s first ever two-time SHINE Champion. Ivelisse’s first reign as champion is the longest in the promotion’s brief history, lasting from January to November of 2014.becky-620x350

Last but not least, Money In The Bank hit Vegas last night, and among the many things that stood out regarding the event was the surprise villainous swerve from Natalya. At the event, Natalya and Becky Lynch, who had referred to themselves as “Hart and Fire,” were defeated by Charlotte and Dana Brooke, after Dana caused Becky to collide with Nattie, leading to Charlotte delivering the Natural Selection to the Queen of Harts. After the match, Natalya turned heel and delivered a vicious attack to Becky, clearly out of frustration over being on the losing end against Charlotte for the third straight PPV, but even so, such actions were surprising. I’ve wanted Natalya to turn heel for over a year; she’s good at being a villainess, and it would bring something different. Not counting the brief period in 2015 where she went from face to heel to tweener, and back to face again, this is Natalya’s first run as a heel since 2012, and her first ever as a villainous Total Diva.

A new week begins tonight, and I am anxious to see the evil Natalya explain her actions at the PPV last night. Speaking of explaining, Maria wants answers from Dixie on Impact, and we’ll see Jade and Marti Bell face each other. Until then!

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