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Tomahawks and Touchdowns: Secondary Competition Breakdown

The Chiefs had two secondary players in the Pro Bowl last season. Eric Berry and Marcus Peters will likely return in 2016 but the Chiefs lost some key talent in the offseason. Sean Smith signed with the Oakland Raiders and Husain Abdullah retired due to concussion concerns. The Chiefs drafted three secondary players in the 2016 NFL draft which will help them build depth.


EricBerryIn 2015 Eric Berry returned from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and made his fourth Pro Bowl. He was also named to the All-Pro team for the second time in his career. Berry is currently in a contract holdout and missed mandatory minicamp this week. The Chiefs have until July 15 to sign Berry to a long-term contract. It is expected that the Chiefs and Berry will work out a deal. Berry is a key player for the Chiefs and it is important that the Chiefs find a way to re-sign him.


The Chiefs second Pro Bowler in the secondary was rookie Marcus Peters. The Chiefs drafted Peters with the 18th overall pick in 2015. There were some concerns when the Chiefs drafted Peters but he exceeded expectations in his rookie year. He won Defensive Rookie of the Year and was named a second team All-Pro. Marcus Peters will be an important player for the Chiefs in 2016.


The Chiefs lost two big secondary players in the off-season. Sean Smith signed with the Oakland Raiders and Husain Abdullah retired due to health concerns. Sean Smith missed three games in 2015 after pleading guilty to a DWI charge. Last season Smith had two interceptions and 45 combined tackles.


Husain Abdullah only played in 11 games in 2015 but was very valuable to the Chiefs. His biggest asset was his veteran experience in the secondary. Replacing Abdullah’s production will not be difficult; replacing his veteran experience will be the challenge.


The Chiefs drafted three cornerbacks in 2016 and they will likely be used to build depth. KeiVarae Russell was the first cornerback drafted by the Chiefs in the 2016 NFL Draft. Russell was a three-year starter at Notre Dame and he will likely compete for playing time in his rookie year. The Chiefs just need consistency from Russell in 2016.KeivaraeRussell2


The second cornerback drafted by the Chiefs in 2016 was Eric Murray. The former Golden Gopher was a three-year starter and will probably be used as a reserve or in special situations. Murray has a lot of potential but he will not see a lot of playing time in 2016.


The third cornerback drafted by the Chiefs was D.J White from Georgia Tech. White was drafted to add depth to the cornerback position. It is unlikely that he will see a lot of time in 2016. It is important for White to stay healthy and be ready if the Chiefs need him to play.


The Chiefs will have an above average secondary again in 2016. Pro Bowlers Eric Berry and Marcus Peters will likely be back and will be the stars in the secondary. Despite losing some key players the Chiefs added some talent at cornerback through the NFL draft. The secondary will be crucial to the Chiefs success in 2016.

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