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OTOGH: Colby Lewis Almost Perfect

I am not a superstitious person, I have no problem going under ladders and if I see a black cat I want to scratch under its chin. I have broken several mirrors and no harm to my luck. That being said, DO NOT TALK ABOUT A PERFECT GAME EVER!!!! I am weirdly superstitious when it comes to baseball and I personally think my fellow baseball writers are to blame when they discuss these topics while the game is going on.ColbyLewisCenter

Ok Rant over now! For what was an impressive outing. Lewis vs Daniel Mengden of the A’s. Lewis had the perfect game going strong but in the 8th A’s Danny Valencia, led off with a double and the perfect game and the no hitter were gone. While the Rangers won the game 5 to 1, sometimes a win is not enough. Colby Lewis was disappointed, He was quoted as saying,
“I feel if you go into the ninth inning and you haven’t given up a hit, and it doesn’t happen, it’s disappointing. I’m not getting any younger.”
While he and the rest of the Rangers are disappointed about the no no, the line from Lewis is something to talk about A complete game, 9.0 innings 2 hits and 4 strike out, where he only threw 109 pitches and 75 of them were strikes. Let’s not forget while there has been a lot of talk of other Ranger pitchers, last year it was Colby Lewis who got us to the playoffs, and with more outings like this he is going to help us again. Believe me, the Rangers are going to need help.

With only three outings Yu Darvish is back on the DL. Currently on the 15 day disabled list with what is being called shoulder and neck tightness, Are the Rangers being cautious or is there something else going on? The MRI showed nothing significant. Ranger fans remember this is very much what happened before when Darvish hurt his arm. I am hoping this is nothing but, we could be in trouble.

TomWilhelmsenCesar Ramos, started on Mon June 13, and was the start of a really bad game. Ramos when 3.2 innings and gave up 6 earned runs, and then we bring in Tom Wihelmsen, who is just as bad giving up another 6 runs, in one inning of work. his E.R.A is not 10.55. and that is how he is going into the free agent market.

Yep Breaking news here, Tom Wihelmsen has declined his option to Round Rock and is now a free agent. The Ranger roster is now at 39. Now we have lost Wihelmsen and Ramos has been a shaky starter so we need someone to help with starting and in long relief.

With all these problems the only problem we don’t have is complete domination of the American League West Division, we are now 6.5 games ahead of Seattle. Taking the series from Seattle last week helped a great deal. This weekends series with the St. Louis Cardinals will be challenging but Cole Hamels is going to start the series opener and his experience with the national league is going to be an asset.

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