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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night was the fallout from Slammiversary, and it was live! What stood out the most two nights after the dust was settled? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact!

  1. TheMiracleMikeBennettThe best part of last night’s Impact had to be Dixie Carter’s “slap heard ’round the world” towards Maria Kanellis. Mike and Maria were livid over what happened at Slammiversary, with Bennett losing for the first time against Ethan Carter III, and Maria was also angry over Gail Kim being put in the TNA Hall of Fame. The couple loudly voiced their displeasure, and even demanded that Mike’s loss be expunged from his record. All of this brought Billy Corgan out to the ring, but Maria demanded to see Dixie. Ask and ye shall receive, as Dixie came out and was on the receiving end of severe tongue lashing by Maria. She even got physical with Dixie, putting her hands on the TNA President, which prompted Dixie’s slap to the self-proclaimed “First Lady” of professional wrestling. One can only wonder where this is going. Dixie stated in the segment that Maria may be removed as leader of the Knockouts; we’ll see if that does happen. But that’s the least of it. I sense a “lawsuit” angle here. I do hope that we don’t see a whole “power struggle” angle between Dixie and Corgan. I don’t like that Corgan seems to be around the Bennetts a lot; I don’t want him to be a heel character.
  2. Impact wasted no time getting to the bottom of Marti Bell’s attack on Jade at Slammiversary. Marti’s attack caused Jade to lose the Knockouts Championship to Sienna at Sunday’s event. We finally heard from Marti last night, and as I expected, it was the typical rhetoric, with Marti claiming that Jade turned her back on her. Jade later appeared and beat down Marti, though while watching this, I couldn’t help but think that Jade came across more like a heel than Marti, but I’ll let that go as Jade being in the heat of the moment. We should see the former Dollhouse partners square off as soon as next week.
  3. SlammiversaryTagTeamOne has to wonder if The BroMans will ever get the tag titles again. I certainly thought they’d win on Sunday, but that didn’t happen. I thought they’d win last night in the four-team match, but that didn’t happen, either. Usually when a team gets back together and something new has been added (Raquel), that usually leads to a push. So far, all I’ve seen are two title matches that have not gone their way. I don’t know when, but TNA needs to put the tag titles on The BroMans ASAP, because quite frankly, Decay’s reign is getting stale.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week, Matt and Jeff battle inside Six Sides of Steel! Until then!

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