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Top Ten Thursday

  1. Chicago Cubs


Last week: #1

The Cubs show no signs of slowing down. If they played one game over .500 for the rest of the season (51-50), they would finish with 94 wins. Wow.

  1. Washington Nationals


Last week: #5

I feel that if Bryce Harper was in a slump, the Nationals would still be good.

  1. Texas Rangers


Last week: #4

The Rangers continue to be the best in the American League. Hopefully the Yu Darvish news does not slow them down.

  1. Boston Red Sox


Last week: #3

Xander Bogaerts has stayed consistent all season long and he’s one of the main forces that keeps Boston in my Top Ten.

  1. Baltimore Orioles


Last week: #9

Well, Chris Davis is having a very good month.

  1. San Francisco Giants


Last week: #2

The Giants depth chart in the outfield is very slim. It’s a top priority for them.

  1. St. Louis Cardinals


Last week: N/A

The Cardinals have won seven of their last nine, just swept the Pirates and now a date with the Cubs is scheduled for Monday.

  1. New York Mets


Last week: #6

The Mets are in an offensive slump as of late.

  1. Cleveland Indians


Last week: #7

The Indians need to find their groove fast.

  1. Seattle Mariners


Last week: #8

James Paxton is pumping life into the Seattle pitching with his recent performance.


Left off the list this week:

Pittsburgh Pirates (Last week: #10)

The Pirates were on a 5-game losing streak and three of those losses came from a sweep by their division rival, Cardinals.

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