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Gail Kim Going Into the TNA Hall of Fame

Last night’s edition of Impact Wrestling featured, among many other things, the announcement of the latest member of TNA’s Hall of Fame. Who will join Sting, Kurt Angle, Team 3D, Jeff Jarrett, and Earl Hebner on that list. None other than Gail Kim.

gail-kim-tna-hall-of-fameGail Kim going into TNA’s Hall of Fame is way overdue, in fact, I expected her to go in last year. Gail is one of select few to have competed in WWE and TNA, but she has made a much bigger name in TNA. Her first stint in TNA began in 2005, serving mainly as a valet for America’s Most Wanted and later Jeff Jarrett. She would begin to compete by 2006, and it was in 2007 that her greatest claim to fame occurred, as she became the first ever TNA Knockouts Champion. Gail’s achievement came at Bound For Glory in October 2007; winning the new title in a Gauntlet Match at the event. Gail’s inaugural title run lasted a month before losing the title to Awesome Kong, who became Gail’s greatest rival.

Gail returned to WWE in 2009, spending two years there before a controversial exit in August 2011. In October 2011, Gail made a return to TNA, this time with a different attitude; going from heroine to villainess by attacking then-Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky. Gail also aligned herself with villainous Knockouts VP Karen Jarrett, which led to a hasty elevation; capturing the Knockouts Tag Team Championship with Madison Rayne, and later defeating Velvet Sky at Turning Point to capture the Knockouts Championship for the second time. Though her alignment with Karen Jarrett ended with her departure in December 2011, Gail continued to rule as the top villainess in the Knockouts Division, holding the Knockouts Championship for seven months until she was defeated by Brooke Tessmacher at Slammiversary in June 2012.

Gail Taryn2013 would see Gail in an interesting feud with Taryn Terrell, who was then a referee for the Knockouts. The feud would turn physical and would lead to Taryn trading her stripes for gear of her own, and also led to what remains one of the best and most memorable Knockouts matches in TNA history:  a Last Knockout Standing battle at Slammiversary. Though Gail lost, she went all out, as did Taryn. Gail went on to add a third reign as Knockouts Champion at Bound For Glory, while also adding a new enforcer in the form of Lei’D Tapa. Both the reign and the alliance ended in early 2014.

The reuniting of The Beautiful People caused Gail to shed her villainous ways and become a babyface once again; which led to a feud with Angelina Love that resulted in her fourth Knockouts Championship. Gail has served as a babyface ever since then, and has engaged in feuds with Knockouts such as Havok, Awesome Kong, and even a villainous Taryn Terrell. She has also added a fifth Knockouts Championship reign, putting her in a class with Tara, Madison Rayne, and TNA’s only six-time champion Angelina Love.

Gail has competed for 16 years, which has included two stints each in WWE and TNA. Counting her reign as WWE Women’s Champion and her reign as TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Gail has held seven mainstream titles, while also serving as one of the best wrestlers in the industry. Her TNA Hall of Fame announcement is well deserved, and as I stated before, long overdue.

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