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Reyes Ran Out of The Rockies

JoseReyesRockiesJose Reyes was reinstated on Wednesday by Major League Baseball after serving his 51-game suspension imposed on him by MLB for domestic violence.The Colorado Rockies activated Reyes then promptly designated him for assignment. To all other teams in the league it means the shortstop is now available to all of them via trade. If the Rockies can not make that happen in the next 10 days, they can send him to the minors (but he can refuse the assignment) or they will essentially release him, and be on the hook for his complete remaining salary.

The 51 game suspension from Major League Baseball cost Reyes about $7 million dollars. But, don’t feel to sorry for him, he has a healthy guaranteed contract. At age 33, he is owed the rest of his $22 million salary this season, $22 million for next season and has a $4 million buyout for 2018. Because it is a guaranteed that means the Rockies, or them and another team if they can work out a trade, are paying him close to $41 million to not be on their roster.TrevorStoryOpeningDay

Why Don’t They Want Him?– In a Triple-A rehab stint, Reyes hit .303 in nine games with two homers, but the wasn’t enough for the Rockies to change their minds about him. But, Reyes was arrested this past Halloween in Maui after he was alleged to have grabbed his wife by the throat and shoved her into a sliding glass door. He had been set to stand trial in Maui, but the charges were eventually dropped when Reyes’ wife refused to cooperate. Plus, rookie shortstop Trevor Story has enjoyed a breakout season in Colorado, hitting 17 homers and knocking in 45 runs in Reyes’ spot as Reyes had to serve his suspension. Reyes isn’t the All-Star he once was, but last year hit .274 with 24 stolen bases and 53 RBIs.

How Did They Get Him?– Last season the Rockies took Reyes in the trade that sent Troy Tulowitzki from Rockies to the Toronto Blue Jays, the trade seemed like a rather even swap at the time, but that was before his domestic violence arrest. To be fair, Tulo isn’t playing too well these days and he’s owed $50 million through 2021.So the Rockies did get a $10 million or so cheaper contract with 3 less years.NickAhmedCenter

Who Should Want Reyes?– They way this will work more than likely is he’ll be released by the Rockies, allowed to keep his money and then sign with another team for the MLB minimum. I think the perfect fit for Reyes would be with the Arizona Diamondbacks. They have Nick Ahmed who is a defensive whiz, but can’t hit his weight for an average. On days Nick starts, Reyes can hit for him late innings when the Diamondbacks are behind late by a run or two and can give them a better at bat and possibly a stolen base. On games when it is flipped and Reyes starts and the team is ahead late, Ahmed’s defense and sure hands will be very useful.

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