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3 Impacts From Impact Slammiversary Edition

Slammiversary is in the books and what an event it was! What stood out on this grand event? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact: the Slammiversary edition!Slammiversary

  1. Three of TNA’s five titles changed hands at Slammiversary, with one of them being the Knockouts Championship. What was supposed to be a singles match between Jade and Sienna for the title became a Triple Threat Match when Gail Kim was added due to Maria’s broken hand keeping her from competing. The announcement was made by minority owner Billy Corgan, who was introduced as William Corgan (not too crazy about the formal name, but fine), much to Maria’s dismay. However, Maria and Allie managed to distract Gail, and Marti Bell actually entered and took out her former Dollhouse partner, allowing Sienna to capture the Knockouts Championship. One cannot help but wonder what this will lead to. Will Maria be happy with Sienna as champion, or will she again attempt to slither her way to the title by ordering Sienna to lay down for her, just as she failed to do with Jade? And what role will Marti Bell play in Maria’s evil machinations? The plot thickens.
  2. LashleySlammiversaryXDivisionSlammiversaryThe World Heavyweight and X Division Championships also changed hands, but for me, Eddie Edwards winning the X Division Title trumped Bobby Lashley’s World Title win. Ever since both halves of the Wolves actually participated in a ladder match for the X Division Championship, I’ve often wondered which one would win singles gold first. I always figured that it would be Eddie; he seems to have more of that it factor than Davey. Time will tell what happens with Eddie now that he has the title. TNA hasn’t had Destination X yet. Maybe he turns that title into a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Or maybe Davey resurfaces and the Wolves actually feud. Who knows what could happen?
  3. Seeing Baron Dax and Basile Barraka, the former Marcus Louis and Sylvester LeFort from NXT, compete and win on a live TNA PPV was epic. I never really knew that the former LeFort could wrestle. In NXT, he was always a manager, only competing every so often. But the arrival of The Tribunal in TNA most definitely will lead to them getting the tag belts. That’s why I figured that The BroMans would win the tag titles at Slammiversary, but that did not happen. If that did, chances are The Tribunal would take the belts from The BroMans, and then we could see Mahabali Shera and Grado knock them off. Regardless, I see big things for The Tribunal in TNA.

The fallout from Slammiversary happens tonight! Until them!

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