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My LeBron Theory

LeBronJamesWelcomeHomePlease know right away that the NBA is not high on my list of sports that I am interested in. MLB, WWE, and NFL all take presidence over the NBA. I would call myself a casual fan at best. I have watched a total of maybe 5 games spread out through this NBA season. But. in my defense, if the Suns were better, being from Arizona, I would watch more. But more than that, the NBA has to give me something, something that entices me to watch. To me the current product is not good enough, the team that is geographically closest to me did not even make the play-offs, and everyone and their mother knew that these two teams were going to meet in the finals. Therefore, that made the rest of the play-offs uninteresting to the casual fan like myself. But, if the Cleveland Cavaliers win game 5, then I will watch game 6.

It is the finals, and I do like and watch competitive sports (more on the competitiveness of the NBA in another article to come) I also love to read and write about sports. So my perspective is unique, I recognize that, and will give you the fact that my perspective may even be slightly skewed. But, all I keep hearing is the at large media, and fans outside of Cleveland say contradicting things about LeBron James. “He can’t win in the play-offs,” yet he has. “He would rather pass the ball and get others involved, than always drive to the basket and score.” By the numbers he does it all, LeBron’s career numbers look like this, on what I, the casual fan, would consider the three big numbers; Total rebounds 7,067 assists 6,815 and total points 26,833. Looks like he does it all to me. I also remember a guy named Allen Iverson, who every time he got the ball, he shot the ball. And he won nothing.LeBronJamesEnteringThe Kingdom

LeBron is good, LeBron is great, I will go as far as LeBron is one of the NBA’s top five superstars. Yet all I have heard and read for days is criticism. LeBron believes in himself, because all great athletes do. And if I were him, I would want to shut my doubters up once and for all. Ironically, he is now in a position to do that, by the numbers.

This is my LeBron Theory. What if LeBron James sits in his locker room and says to himself, “What do I have to do to show the world that I am the greatest NBA superstar?” And the answer is, do something that no other superstar has ever done. He now has himself set up to do just that. No other team in the history of the NBA has ever come back from 3-1 to win the NBA Finals. If LeBron James does that, then he silences his critics and cements his legacy at the same time. After all the Cav’s are LeBrons team, even a casual fan knows that. If they win, he wins. If they make noise, then the critics go silent.


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