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Fletcher Cox Signs Historical Extension with the Eagles

Fletcher Cox signs a six year extension with Eagles worth 103 million dollars and 63  of the million are guaranteed. The four year veteran now has the highest contract guaranteed money wise of any quarterback in league history.  This deal will keep Cox under contract until 2022.

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Cox held out the last month of all team off-season activities while his agent was working on a long-term deal with the Eagles. He did show up to last week for mini camp, but did very little protecting himself from injury as he waited for a bigger, better contract from the Eagles.

Cox, who was drafted in the first round led the Eagles in three very important categories last year. He had 9.5 sacks 11 tackles for loss and 20 quarterback hits and tied for the team lead in forced fumbles. The young Pro Bowl defensive linemen is expected to play defensive tackle in Jim Schwartz,s 4-3 defense. This will be an adjustment for him because the previous three seasons he has played defense end, so lets see if this has any effect on his game next year.

Some other details of the deal include; the contract is worth basically $17 million per year, that means the contract beats that of Marcell Dareus which apparently was a sticking point for Cox, it also includes money strictly for injury, and a $26 million dollar signing bonus that Cox receives as soon as he signs the contract. Plus, the first 3 years of the contract will pay him a whopping $47.8 million!

The 6 year extension signed by Marcell Dareus with the Buffalo Bills was for $108 million dollars with $65 million guarenteed and a signing bonus of $25 million. Only two players in the league have more guaranteed money in their current deals than does Cox, and both are quarterbacks. They are Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning.

The next question is how much money will Denver have to fork out to Super Bowl MVP Von Miller? I would assume it will have to beat the deal that Cox just received.

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