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Welcome to Dodger Town #4: Expectations

After 2 weeks, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that I shouldn’t go to Dodger games. Last Saturday I made the trip to Chavez Ravine for Kershaw day. Then Kershaw had his worst game ever, or so it seemed. It’s amazing what Dodger fans expect out of Kershaw. In the first inning Ender Inciarte hit a grounder to 2nd where Chase Utley scooped it and threw him out at first. Judging from the reaction of the crown you would’ve thought Inciarte hit a 476 foot home run. There was a massive, collective gasp around Chavez Ravine followed by a sigh of relief as the crown realized he wouldn’t get on base. Chase d’Arnaud followed and hit a ball to center field (GASP) Joc Pedersen catches it and there is 2 down (SIGH). So it continued until Kershaw surrendered his first hit of the night.ClaytonKershawB&W

Kersh gave up 4 hits in 6 innings of scoreless baseball. If you were at Dodger stadium still searching for parking and not quite watching the game yet? Kersh gave up 4 home runs within the first 2 innings. Dodger fans expect the world from Kershaw. It is well understood it seems that winning and Kershaw go hand and hand. Though I don’t disagree with Dodger fans that Kershaw is almost always a win, this brings up an interesting point and one I have been making for a few articles now. The Dodgers can’t count on Kershaw to do everything and still hope to make the championship. While Kershaw is supremely talented he needs help. I doubt you will find a baseball fan that disagrees with Kershaw’s greatness and while strides are being made, it’s still not quite enough to take the division lead away from the hated ones (SF Giants). At 32-29 and starting huge division series against the Giants, let’s see what happens this weekend.

CoreySeagerPositive signs– Corey Seager and Trayce Thompson are on tears. While Seager has hit 5 home runs since only June 3rd, Trayce isn’t far behind batting .271 on the year with 2 home runs since June 3rd. Exciting to see the young guns lighting it up. This obviously bodes well for the future and even now as they both have proven themselves to be excellent players.TrayceThompsonDodgers

Negative Signs– While all Dodger nation is hopeful that Maeda keep it up, the rest of the rotation needs help.  For now this series this weekend is big being able to steal a season series from San Francisco would be huge in the long run.

Can the Dodgers steal the division lead from the Giants this weekend? Time will tell.

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