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Tye Dillinger vs.  Andrade Almas

Right off the bat this was an awesome match but the only problem I have with it, is that Tye Dillinger is the most over jobber in NXT. I love the guy he has it all. I really believe that someone should have taken the loss rather than him. Andrade “Cien” Almas is a star in the making. Although his entrance gear makes him look like the Godfather, he has ton of talent. He could be a potential contender for the NXT Championship. Once again Tye Dillinger could be a nice person in the mid card if given the chance.

American Alpha vs. The Revival (NXT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP)

Tag Team wrestling has, no pun intended, a revival. I just wish the main roster had this type of flare and interesting story telling. That combination into that beautiful double ankle lock was pure perfection. The only reason I see The Revival winning the titles is because they are not ready for the main roster but what I am ready for is the new tag team that attacked American Alpha. The former manager of the Road Warriors, Paul Ellering is now with the Authors of Pain. They are like the Shield but way bigger. 


Austin Aries vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Not as great as Nakamura vs. Zayn but still these guys are ready Smackdown, yes Smackdown. I was always a Smackdown guy. I just found it funny how Aries had his stomach taped but yet he still did high spots. I believe Aries is turning into a heel like character on NXT. I don’t know what’s up with TNA stars always being turned heel. Aries focus was on the right knee of Nakamura and being more vicious. Both these guys are money but the winner of this match Nakamura has so much money that can be made. Nakamura has everything Roman Reigns wishes he had.




Simply no one can replace Bayley.
Winner by killer kicks


Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe (NXT CHAMPIONSHIP)

No matter how many times we see it Finn Balor vs. Joe will always live up to expectations. It wasn’t as good as there last takeover but still in a steel cage for the first time in NXT history; just a great match. I love how Balor was wearing the black and white paint, cause you say Bullet Club. For the first time in WWE history Demon Balor has lost. The End is certainly a great name because it ends the greatest period in NXT history. It was like the Attitude Era for NXT. To the main roster they go.





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