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Smack Talk Review of Smack Down

As we play the waiting game leading into Money In The Bank, the WWE fans are stuck in limbo. Most of the matches for the upcoming event are all but set. The problem is we’re still a little over a week away.  This is the time when WWE must exhaust every angle and/or situation possible to promote the event. The byproduct result is a level of frustration, not anticipation, that enters in. Many fans struggle to become excited for the events until only hours before they begin. After that, it’s anybody’s guess how the event actually unfolds. I’m ranting about these situations because as a WWE fan, I’m left feeling a bit cheated. Not necessarily by the wrestlers & their performances, but the stubborn nature that those in charge of production continue the same design month to month. If you couldn’t tell by now, I was less than enthused about this past week’s episode of Smack Down.


Kevin Owens & Alberto Del Rio v Cesaro & Sami Zayn

Is it June 19 yet?  My God, last week I covered the same match with Dean Ambrose in place of Cesaro.  There’s no doubt that all 6 wrestlers will put on a great of a show at Money In The Bank, but this is getting ridiculous.  Can these wrestlers just fight other talent on the roster…..please?  The match was well done by the competitors, as you would expect.


Dana Brooke v Becky Lynch

Personally, I could have watched these two do another 10, 20, even 30 minutes.  Dana & Becky are going to be stalwarts of this women’s division for years to come.  I can’t say enough good things about both wrestlers.  They have great in ring work, ooze charisma, play their roles perfectly, & ironically are in the shadows of Charlotte, Natalya, & the ever looming Sasha Banks.  Here’s a quick clip of their match, if you have not yet seen it:

I challenge anyone to tell me that they both don’t deserve more.



Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson v Enzo & Cass

I guess I can just start calling Gallows & Anderson, “The Club” like everyone else is. The only problem is I can’t say it without feeling completely lame about it.  I understand that the previous name is copyrighted, but come on. This is the best WWE could come up with?  The same company that coined “Nation of Domination”, “Degeneration X” , & “New Age Outlaws” decided “The Club” was they way to go?  Yikes.  I digress to this week’s episode where “The Club” (ugh) began with a promo, only to be interrupted by a better promo by Enzo & Cass….

The match was really good & could have been even better without the New Day on commentary…..

The Fatal 4 way match at Money In The Bank should be fantastic.  As Mauro Ranallo said, “A preview of what’s to come next Sunday!”   I seriously can’t wait for next Sunday, especially for this match to finally happen.


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