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South Side Salutations; Whose to Blame for Downward Spiral of the Sox?

HahnONshieldsThe Chicago White Sox have been in a downward spiral for the last month and half.  They where Five games up in the Division, and now they are three games behind the Royals. It seems everything went wrong at once, the offense hasn’t been hitting, the bullpen has blown leads, and not just small leads they blew a 5-2 and a 7-1 leads in Kansas city last weekend.  They just came off a 2-7 road trip where they got swept by 2 divisional opponents in the Tigers and Royals.  In my opinion a change is needed and yes I do believe it is time to fire Robin, and hopefully make a change or two to get a left-handed bat, and some bullpen help.  Hahn made a move over the weekend to get James Shields, where he gave up Erik Johnson and Fernando Tatis JR.  I am hoping this will help out the rotation a bit as we needed another starter or 2 to make it solid.

Photo by: Leon Halip/Getty Images

Photo by: Leon Halip/Getty Images

Robin Ventura has made some really bad moves in the last few weeks, he keeps throwing Rollins out there which isn’t working.  Jerry Sands does not belong on this team but yet he still is on this team, Eaton and Abreu haven’t been producing which is one of the Main reasons why this offense isn’t producing.  Hahn needs to make a move with the manager soon, fans are irate at this team as bad as they have been. Robin has had some bad years, the last 3 years have been mediocre, but why is he still here he just seems lost at times as what to do.  It is time for a change to be made. If they keep losing I really hope they do not wait until the end of the season when his contract runs out to fire him, light a fire under this team and fire him now!!! Maybe it is a spark they need to light them up and start winning again.

The offense and pitching hasn’t been doing well as of late, We all know Robin can’t hit or pitch but he makes the moves and nine times out of ten it is the wrong moves. White Sox fans are tired of the mediocre bullcrap they are sending out on the field the last years.  We want a team that will contend, we want a team that played in April like they where going somewhere.  Now it seems they have regressed back to the 2015 season. Fans just want a playoff contender, we haven’t been to the playoffs since 2008 that has been 8 years that is way to long.  If firing Robin will help this team be a contender then I say do it, find a manager who can actually manage this team to wins. At least we know that management cares about the fans and want a winning team.  We are sick and tired of losing, we want to see a world series again in our lifetime, if we can get back to that it would be awesome.  So i Say if you can do it now Fire Robin and get someone who can manage this team to a playoff contender!

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