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What We Know & What I Don’t Understand About The Death of Kimbo Slice

So all of you understand. I know this news broke about 24 hours before this article was published. But, as the editor and owner of this site, I do not like to speculate or report 3rd party information as fact just to be 1st on a story or to have the latest breaking news, only to have it be wrong. Sometimes I will do it on certain subjects, but NEVER when it concerns someones death. I have to much respect for the athlete, his or her family and their privacy to do that. I hope you understand.KimboSliceCenter

What We Know- 

According to the Sun-Sentinel Kimbo Slice, whose birth name was Kevin Ferguson, was been admitted to Northwest Medical Center on June 3, complaining of abdominal pain, shortness of breath and nausea. Kimbo Slice had congestive heart failure, a mass on his liver and was being prepared to be flown to Cleveland where he could be placed on an organ donor list in order to receive a heart transplant. The Bellator MMA fighter, who first rose to fame as a street brawler and gained millions of views from YouTube videos, continued to grow an audience as he rose through the ranks of MMA. Died sometime on Monday June 6th at Northwest Medical Center in Margate Florida at the age of 42.

Currently we also know three more facts from the same report that I have the confidence in to report as factual. 1) He had been on a ventilator in intensive care.  2) He had no history of drug usage 3) His death did not come due to trauma or foul play.

What I Don’t Understand-

KimboSliceCloseUpKimbo’s last fight was on February 19th of this year. Do these fighters not have to go through an extensive medical physical in order to climb into a ring that is surrounded by a cage? I would think so, and if so, should those medical professionals not be able to discover either a mass on his liver, the fact that he needed a heart transplant or both?

Plus, the same fight on February 19th, it was revealed that after the fight Slice failed his pre-fight drug test. Lab results found traces of the anabolic steroid Nandrolone. He was also found to have an elevated (T/E) ratio of 6.4 to 1, which is above the maximum allowed limit of 4 to 1. On May 2, 2016, it was revealed that Slice had settled with the Texas Athletic Commission with a fine of $2,500 and a revoking of his license in the state of Texas. The result of the bout has also been changed to a no contest. They may not consider testosterone a drug because it is naturally produced in the human body, but I am pretty sure Nandrolone os a drug. It was reported above that he had no history of drug use. I am not saying the report is fictional, but it does make me wonder what it takes to prove a “history of drug use.”

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