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Fights to Make After UFC 199

Dustin Porier vs. Bobby Green

Dustin Porier scored a huge knockout win over Bobby Green in the first round.

Green, coming off a long lay off looked very sloppy. He needs a fight to get himself back on track. A fight with Nik Lentz would make sense.

Porier, on the other hand looks ready to take on a big challenge. A fight against Anthony Pettis would be good for both of them.

Dan Henderson vs. Hector Lombard

In vintage fashion Dan Henderson knocked Hector Lombard out cold with a devastating elbow in the second round.

Lombard, who recently moved up to the middleweight division could use a tune up fight after losing his last two fights after a PED suspension. CB Dolloway could be a good fight for him.

After almost twenty years, it is time for Dan Henderson to hang up the gloves. He has nothing to prove and he will be a hall of famer.

Max Holloway vs. Ricardo Lamas

All Max Holloway does is win. This was his ninth win in a row and he looks better with every performance.

Lamas still deserves a fight with a ranked fighter. A fight with Yair Rodriguez would be beneficial for both fighters.

If is wasn’t for the Conor McGregor fiasco I’d say give Holloway a title shot, but because of the belt being tied up that is not possible at this time. Max Holloway vs. Chad Mendes would be a fun match up.

Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber

The rivalry is finally over. Dominick Cruz won the rubber match and it wasn’t close.

Faber said after the fight that that could have been his last. If that is what he chooses to do, it is a wise decision. Faber has nothing left to fight for, but pride. He is unlikely to get another shot at the belt and over the years he has became more and more invested in his gym. He’s not getting any younger and he’s had a great career.

Cruz is the greatest bantamweight of all time and he showed that again on Saturday. He should get the winner of the TJ Dillashaw vs. Rafael Assuncao fight at UFC 200.

Michael Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold

In the words of the late great Muhammad Ali, Bisping shook up the world. The massive underdog knocked out Rockhold and won the title that he’s been searching for for almost a decade.

Rockhold is a great fighter and he got caught. Now is the time to make the rematch with Weidman, if he wins that he’s right in line for the title.

Michael Bisping has finally done it. He won the title in his first chance in nine years and eleven months. His first defense should be against Jacare Souza in England.

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