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Cleveland Cavaliers: In Need Of Assistance?

Sad Cavs Bench

For those of you who read my preview article, you’ll see that I picked the Cavs to win it all in 6 games. That prediction now seems far and stretched thin. Not only have the Cavs failed to score at least 90 points against a defense that had been sailing away the last couple of months, but the play of Cleveland leaves 1 big question in mind. Why can’t the Cavs touch the Warriors? At almost every turn, they just have not found a way to shut them down. That does not go without saying they haven’t been shutting down Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. However, the rest of the Warriors have made it seem they can play without them. In Game 1 both backcourt stars combined for 20, Shaun Livingston lead the way with 20, and they won by 15. Game 2, saw the duo score 25, and Draymond Green led the way with 28. The Cavs should really be thankful that those 2 have not gone off as usual. Still though, the bench for Golden State has played like another team all by itself.

Game 1 saw the Warriors bench outscore Clevelands 45-10. For 48 minutes, that is all you can score? They might as well have played the starters the entire night. LeBron has come close to a Triple-Double in both games respectively, but he will need help. There is no excuse for Cleveland this year, with a completely healthy squad, this was supposed to be the year that they would have a better shot at winning it all. Maybe playing in a so called weak Eastern Conference might have given them some edge they thought they had. Maybe the firing of David Blatt early in the year might be having more ramifications than expected during the big stretch. Looking at the way Cleveland has played there are more questions than answers.lebron-james

Look at game 2, towards the end, it looked as if the Cavs had just had enough. After all the turnovers, defensive exploits, and inability to play catch up, it just feels as if Cleveland threw in the towel. Kevin Love left after dizziness because of an inadvertent elbow to the head, and Kyrie was nowhere to be found only scoring 10 pts after having 26 in Game 1. It’s going to take more than LeBron being a monster. It’s going to take more than J.R. Smith, Channing Frye, and Matthew Dellavedova. These next 2 games at home, will say a lot of things about this team going forward. Wednesday night, it’s all on Cleveland.


What do you think of the Cavs chances after the 1st 2 games? Comment below!




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