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Smack Talk Review of Smack Down

Welcome to another edition of Smack Talk!  I am very enthusiastic about the changes coming for Smack Down, as WWE has announced that not only will their sister show will be airing live on Tuesdays, beginning next month, but also there will be unique stars for both Raw & Smack Down.  Does this mean that the WWE roster will be totally split up between the two shows?  Not necessarily.  Rumors have been circulating that Roman Reigns will appear exclusively on Raw & John Cena will appear exclusively on Smack Down.  Beyond that is anyone’s guess.  It could make sense for WWE to use this format as a bargaining chip with some of their higher profile stars.  Less dates could lead to less injuries & a more refreshed roster. So until we know more, speculation & anticipation will run wild.



A.J. Styles v Kofi Kingston

These two superstars had the most entertaining match of this past week’s episode.  While the storylines take their course for New Day v Gallows & Anderson, the WWE universe was treated to an A.J. Styles heel turn on Raw this past Monday.  That turn came against John Cena.  The WWE has set their course toward A.J. Styles v John Cena for this upcoming pay-per-view, Money In The Bank.  (Which better explains A.J.’s loss to Kevin Owens in the MITB Qualifying match.)  Personally I feel this the right time for A.J.’s heel turn. It gives A.J. the opportunity to officially reunite with both Gallows & Anderson, while also providing a more than worthy opponent for John Cena.  What better stars to turn cheers into boos for Styles than by placing him against New Day & Cena…..4 of the biggest baby faces that WWE currently has.  Here are some of the highlights from the match that Kingston & Styles had on Smack Down:



Alberto Del Rio & Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn & Dean Ambrose

As we creep closer to one of the WWE’s Money In The Bank matches, we were presented another chance to see some of the MITB Ladder match contestants in action this past week.   As always, they did not disappoint…..


These 4 superstars, along with Cesaro, Chris Jericho & wrestler not yet named, will provide an unforgettable match at MITB.  Not should, will provide an unforgettable match.  The winner will be Kevin Owens.  Owens has everything that WWE is looking for as a feature persona with a gold briefcase.  Charisma that demands attention.  Skill & wrestling style that defines his personality.  The ability to affect & contribute to matches, without even being directly involved.  Not to mention the ongoing rivalry with Sami Zayn, that could potentially thwart attempts by Owens to cash in down the line.  The possibilities are abundant with Owens as the briefcase holder.  Hopefully, WWE sees it the same way.



Charlotte v Becky Lynch

I know what many fans had to be thinking before this match started.  “WE’VE SEEN THIS 500  TIMES!”  A little extreme, but I get it.  The truth is the Women’s division has slowed down considerably.  Natalya & Charlotte have been constantly feuding & outside of the addition of Dana Brooke, the division has been mediocre in the last few months.  Injuries to Sasha Banks, Emma, Naomi, & Nikki Bella haven’t helped.  The retirement of Brie Bella was a loss of one more competitor in the division.  The sharp decline of both Alicia Fox & Paige is mind blowing as well.  So as we wait for Bayley, Asuka, & Alexa Bliss to join the main roster, think about the current situation before you react “UGH! BECKY vs CHARLOTTE, AGAIN?!”  Hopefully, most of the women can recover & become available very shortly.  They each bring something different to the table & I personally cannot wait for those returns & debuts to finally come to fruition.


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