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A Portuguese Man Of War Berths At Old Trafford After Stormy Seas

Jose Mourinho ‘The Special One’ Arrives At The Theatre Of Dreams

On May 27th 2016 Manchester United announced the appointment of Jose Mourinho as their new manager. Finally after months of speculation and with the FA Cup in their trophy cabinet the official line came out from Old Trafford and Jose had arrived in spirit if not in person. Fulfilling his prearranged commitments Mourinho did not travel to Manchester until the following Monday when he had a low key introduction to his new charge. Meeting Ed Woodward and Sir Bobby Charlton in photo and video shoots Mourinho was pleasant and gracious, with all the looks and charm of George Clooney.KidJMScarf

Mourinho is a serial winner and is as near as you could get could in sport to a no claims guarantee. Still a risk of course, but one who has won it all and from all accounts still has the desire and hunger to win more. Mourinho has moved around European teams like Santa Claus, staying a year or two or three and leaving behind him the games glittering prizes. Except that is until last November when Chelsea, flirting incredibly with relegation sacked the ‘special one’ from his second appointment at the London club. After which the rumours began to circulate that Manchester United were his next port of call.

Mourinho has always, it seems, wanted to manage Manchester United. Often in press conferences over the years he has had nothing but praise for the Northern giant. Three years ago when the team he then managed, Real Madrid, won 2-1 at Old Trafford, Mourinho stated that in his opinion the best team lost. As Mourinho said last week, that remark did not go down too well in Madrid.

With Manchester United suffering their worst December for a long time on the football field under Louis Van Gaal it would not have been a surprise to see Mourinho in the management seat at United in January. However Van Gaal survived and Mourinho went on trips around the world dropping a hint here and there that he would be back at a club very soon, one where he felt loved.Jose-MourinhoInPrayer

In January United went on a run in the FA Cup which eventually saw them lift the trophy in May, the final act of the Van Gaal era. However at the same time United missed out on 4th place in the premier league and for the United board that seems to have been the reason Van Gaal, like David Moyes before him, was unceremoniously sacked. Van Gaal eventually replaced, after a period of grace of a few days, by his friend and colleague Jose Mourinho, Et tu brute, so to speak.

So the Mourinho bandwagon has begun to role and perhaps it has most United fans in a state of delirium, perhaps not. If true to form Mourinho only stays at the club for three years the supporters are in for one hell of a ride. Manchester United hope however that Mourinho will stay longer but as with most sports it will be the results that determine this particular timeline.

When asked exclusively on MUTV how he saw his role at Manchester United, Mourinho stated he preferred to look at the history of the club and build on that and forget the last three years. Was that a genuine attempt by Mourinho to give supporters hope for the new dawn, or a sly dig at Van Gaal and David Moyes? If only Manchester United fans could press a mental switch and erase life under Moyes and Van Gaal, but alas that is not possible. In the interview Mourinho also said he wants to win and he would give everything he had to achieve that end.

When David Moyes announced that he thought United should try to emulate Manchester City, and Van Gaal said he thought the Manchester United supporters expectations were too high, they commited the greatest of ‘faux pas’. It is extremely doubtful even in the short term that Jose Mourinho will committ such grammatical errors. Mourinho has already announced that ‘Manchester United is a giant club and needs a special manager’, that really is what the supporters want to hear. Mourinho already feels the pulse of the club and its supporters and in that sense already off to a winning start.


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