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NBA Finals Preview

So, we all predicted this moment from the beginning of the season. What we didn’t see, is how these 2 teams would get here. It’s either the Warriors nearly falling to the Thunder in the most unpredictable 7 game series ever, or Cleveland marching it’s way in nearly unscathed. Regardless, here they are, so lets breakdown both teams briefly from what we saw and know so far, before predicting the champion.


Representing The East: Cleveland Cavaliers

  1. With the exception of 1 game in the Toronto series, the Cavs managed to score 100+ points in every game. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love had a a lot to do with it. Given the fact they are both healthy this year, and on board to help, this changes the dynamic of the Cavs with Kyrie being able to create his own shot and run the plays, while Kevin Love spots up triples to help take the scoring weight off LeBron.Photo by: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
  2. Thompson and Love come together to make up just over 18 rebounds per game. Although Love does not aggressively attack the glass as well as Thompson, this match-up will prove bothersome for the Warriors if they choose to play small ball the entire series. Especially if Love plays a lot of offense around the basket, where his missed shots can lead to second chance opportunities.
  3. LeBron has not been in the “takeover” mode that we saw last year. Sure the load is distributed fairly evenly, but we are all aware if he finds his zone, and chooses not to let up, this series could be quicker than we expected. With all of James’ failed attempts to bring a championship to the city riding on him, and the failure of last years Finals, he will no doubt play fearless and with a chip on his shoulder. He has to if he wants to keep his publicly and self proclaimed title as the “best player in the world.”

Representing The West: Golden State Warriors


  1. Golden State has been shooting at a ridiculous clip of 110 points for 40% from the field. HOWEVER, none of  this means anything if they let Cleveland get everything they want inside and out. On the flip side, what they give up is just about Cleveland’s average. Also side note, Cleveland averages 13 Second Chance Points Per Game. As mentioned above if Golden State manages to find a way to fix that (as they did in last years Finals, and in the last series against OKC), they might just prove to everyone that their “golden” season was just meant to be.
  2. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green don’t necessarily have to be on fire to start things, but an 0-7 start from Klay to start most games will not cut it.  Nor will Draymonds’ tough 34% from deep either. In this instance, the Warriors should limit the shots they feel they don’t need. Even if that means reducing Greens’ attempts from 4 to 1.
  3. Steve Kerr is the real “iceman” for remaining calm in the face of adversity. Coming back from 3-1 against a killer of a team in Oklahoma City is not the easiest thing to do. Whether it was the fault of Billy Donovan, or better play by the Warriors, give credit where credit is due. He let’s his guys loose because he knows their abilities. Even if it means a Mo Speights 3 to shake things up. Kerr will have to pull out every trick in the book to win this thing, and remain confident in his team in the tougher situations to come; Because trust and believe, they will.

Series Outcome: Cleveland Wins In 6

It’s hard not to go with the defending champs, but Cleveland has proved with the healthy squad they have, that this is the year. I am confident they are ready to steal 2 games in the Bay, leaving Golden State with no recovery.

Do you think my prediction is true or false? Comment below!


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