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Gadelha, Still Undefeated on The Ultimate Fighter

dana_white_wallpaper_oliengnetMany weren’t surprised when Team Jedrzejczyk’s last overall pick (Elias Urbina) was easily dispatched by Team Gadelha’s Eric Spicely, but it did happen to be in surprisingly boring fashion. Dana White went as far as to say that this is not the way to impress the UFC, when giving his post fight analysis. This competition has chewed up and spit out some outstanding fighters, and it is not for the weak of heart, or the weak of mind. I give all of these fighters a lot of credit, but this is supposed to be a very entertaining sport, so I side with White’s remarks.

I have discovered that the fighter that I initially wanted to root for going into the house, always seems to be the fighter that I shy away from at tournaments end. Most of the time, the stuff that makes a fighter so incredibly dominant, also makes them a hard person to tolerate. As this contest progresses, Joanna Jedrzejczyk shows how little sportsmanship she has. No matter how cordial Gadelha or her training partners are, Joanna just can’t seem to give them one ounce of respect. Upon this latest episode’s selection (Amanda Cooper vs Jaime Moyle), she went as far as to tell her fighter in front of everyone how easy this fight was going to be against an easy opponent in Cooper. While I admire Joanna’s confidence, she has to make it known that she understands that she hasn’t won anything as far as this show goes.

UltmateFighterTeamGThis did end up being one of the best bouts of the season. Cooper was taken down and controlled by Moyle in the 1st round, but was able to bounce back from a second round take down and deliver some very hard elbows, causing a large gash to the head of Moyle. I was sure that this fight was headed to a 3rd round, but the judges gave Cooper the majority decision victory. Jedrzejczyk told her fighter all the way up to the decision that she had clearly won, and even walked up to the judges and told them just what she thought of their decision making. As far as the fights go, Gadelha is dominating in every aspect. Joanna will have to pray that Josh Stansbury’s second chance on The Ultimate Fighter will pay off when he faces off with a drama filled Abdel Medjedoub, who is fresh off a flight from Canada to take care of personal matters. Stansbury suffered a broken leg during his fight to make it into the house during the show’s 19th season. I think this will be the first win for Team Joanna, although I am not sure her ego can take the victory.

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