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3 Impacts From Impact

With under two weeks left until Slammiversary, so much was on the line for the stars of Impact Wrestling! What stood out the most last night? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact!

  1. To prevent any chaos from last week from crossing over to this week, Dixie Carter placed her nephew, Ethan Carter III, in charge, and boy, did he cook up a good show! He put Mike Bennett through the ringer when he forced him to clean toilets and then referee a tag team match pitting The BroMans against Tyrus and Spud, then placed him in a match against James Storm. Before all of that, though, EC3 announced that the rematch between himself and Bennett will happen at Slammiversary, after Bennett’s attempt to renege on the “Road to Redemption” deal last week fell through. All in all, last night was not Mike Bennett’s night.
  1. We have a new King of the Mountain Champion, and his name is E-Li Drake! Champion Bram was selected by Drew Galloway as Bobby Lashley’s opponent, as both champion and challenger at Slammiversary played “Pick Your Poison.” Lashley’s match against Bram was thrown out, as he decided to merely decimate his opponent. At that moment, Eli Drake entered with his Feast or Fired case and cashed in. After Bram kicked out, Eli actually attempted to get the case back, but since the bell rang, the match was official. Eli had to defeat Bram in the ring, and he did just that to win the title. So far, three of my predictions for 2016 came true, with Eli winning the KOTM Title being the most recent correct prediction.
  1. EC3 plagued the other half of the self-professed power couple as well, as he granted Gail a match at Slammiversary against Maria Kanellis. This won’t be Maria’s in-ring debut, but it will be her first time competing in a TNA PPV, not counting Knockouts Knockdown this year. Gail has wanted a piece of Maria for months; she has plagued Gail too many times to count, including costing her the Knockouts Championship on two occasions. I, and a lot of others, thought that the Gail/Maria feud would lead to Maria beating Gail herself for the KO Title, but if they do have Maria win at Slammiversary, she may be pushed to knock off Jade, if they don’t give that nod to Sienna.

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week is the go-home show! Until then!

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