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The Raw Truth

I love how Raw started off by acknowledging our great men and women who have sacrificed so much for this country, some even their lives.

NewDayMcMahons“Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Shane McMahon” rings out the voice of Lilian Garcia. He is followed by his sister Stephanie McMahon.

But wait, it’s NEW Day!!! And now we are going to have a dance off!

Thanks Vandevillains, you ruined everything! Very entertaining first segment and a big tease about both shows going live and the possibility of a draft.

New Day vs The Vandevillains

A decent back and forth match, that ended with Anderson and Gallows attacking the New Day. This ups the intreage in the tag team division.

Good backstage segment by Big Show with Appolo Creed.

The Uso vs Breezango

The whole match was just to set up the ending confrontation between the Golden Truth (who were on commentary) and Breezango. The Golden Truth got the best of them, and the Uso’s won if anyone cares.

Roman Reigns has the belt and a mic.

He calls out Seth Rollins, Rollins comes out and teases several times that he is either going to fight Reigns and going to talk on the mic. This whole heel vs heel thing is not working for me.

TitusRusevLana introduces Rusev and out comes Zack Ryder.

Rusev wins in a semi-squash. Rusev looks dominate in the win. Then he grabs a mic and is badmouthing Americans as Titus O’Neil interrupts him and is all fired up! I really like this side of Titus and would look forward to a good rivalry between Titus and Rusev.

I said it two weeks ago, and I will say it again. WWE is setting up for a match between Charlotte and Stephanie McMahon.

Enzo and Cass come out and take us to mic skill school. They are the best on the mic currently. Then the Dudley Boys come out and prepare for a match. The match was really good with the exception of Enzo and Cass botching the rocket launcher, but they still got the win. CenaRawReturn

It is John Cena time. Cena gives a passionate speech about America, Memorial Day and how the New Era must go through him. He throws down the mic and we hear AJ Styles music as he makes his way to the ring. After the crowd calms down AJ says he respects Cena and extends his hand to Cena. Cena takes a moment but does eventually shake his hand. Gallows and Anderson come out and say AJ is sucking up to Cena. AJ takes off his shirt as though he is ready to fight Gallows and Anderson. Cena raises him one as he removes his hat and shirt only to be blindsided by Styles as The Club is back together and they continually assault Cena.TheClub

Natalya vs Dana Brooke with Charlotte

WomensmatchRawBrooke wins off a distraction by Charlotte. The two then double team on Natalya until Becky Lynch comes to her aid. Very predictable ten minutes.

A terrible promo by Dolph Ziggler. He desperately needs a different character. He needs to turn heel again. His current character is dull and boring.

zigglerRawBarron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler channeled his inner “Dog Faced Gremlin” as he dons the amateur wrestling headgear and mouthpiece. He purposely kicked Corbin in the groin and says that Corbin looses as he walks back up the ramp.


RawMainEventMoney in the Bank 6 man tag team match Dean Ambrose, Cesaro and Sami Zayn vs Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, and Chris Jericho.

They have a lot of time to fill. They did it well, the match was several fun filled minutes of controlled chaos showing off the many talents of 6 of the WWE’s finest wrestlers. Ending with Ambrose pinning Owens.



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