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Welcome to Dodger town #4:  Just “OK”

Well what’s new? The Dodgers have continued their feverish pursuit of average baseball. 5-5 in their last 10 games, about the only thing Dodgers fans can count on is Kershaw continuously dominating every time he’s on the hill.

JulioUriasThe Dodger sit 1 game above .500 at 25-24 (as of Saturday morning). That’s right just 1 weak RBI single in the bottom of 9th for them to be exactly what they have been all season: average. Few things have plagued the Dodgers more than inconsistent and, at times, atrocious pitching. A few weeks ago we talked about the possibility of a call up for Julio Urias. The Dodgers starting rotation has struggled mightily(So has the pen might I add) and as a result the Urias call up quickly became a reality. Urias didn’t dazzle in his debut giving up 5 hits and 3 runs, but he did provide hope for the future. Once Urias settled in he looked to be alot more comfortable and promising. Urias will be coming along as time goes on and he gets more exposure.

The problem of pitching still remains though. Before the trade deadline the Dodgers NEED to acquire something, anything. This starting rotation WILL NOT make it in the playoffs. The Dodgers have high hopes for this year and none of those hopes are within reach if Kershaw is the only pitcher that can at least play at a consistent level. Kershaw’s dominance is not something new, if you are a Dodgers fan, this is just normal. Ahh, the perks of having a legitimate ace on your team. That’s all fine and dandy but every other pitcher on the Dodgers roster has been inconsistent at best. Bolsinger is back and will begin to settle in but even Maeda has struggled the past couple games. Giving up games in the last 2 or 3 innings has become a norm (Baez gave up a solo walkoff to Granderson last night).

Scarier than all this? The Giants have hit their stride as was discussed a few weeks ago. Sitting at 30-20 and 8-2 in their last 10 they look good. In that 8-2 run they even managed to beat one of the hottest teams in baseball (the Cubs) twice. Meanwhile the Dodgers lost winnable games against the Angels and Padres. The struggles continue for the Los Angeles ball club but hopefully they can put it together sooner rather than later. Ok, I’m done with my disparaging remarks but in all reality the Dodgers have been a disappointment to this point in the season. Don’t get me wrong, this team (with some adjustments and additions) is capable of winning the championship but it’s a bit worrying that they aren’t performing better. A lot of baseball left but putting it together sooner rather than later is always preferable.

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