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UFC On Draftkings (DWade’s Lineup)

In my experience, Fanduel offers a better experience when it comes to playing fantasy football or baseball, but DraftKings is the only place to play fantasy MMA. So far, the UFC is the only organization to crack into the daily fantasy sports realm, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Bellator sneak into the mix in the coming years. The object of the game is to pick a 5-fight parlay that will accumulate the most points. In doing so, you can really win yourself some cash. I have found that the best events to play are the limited entry ones. It is well documented that high rolling gamblers take advantage of the fact that you can have several hundred lineups, making it next to impossible for the little guy. That is why I am here to show you just how to win, regardless of the odds stacked against you.UFCDraftKings798x274

The most that I have ever won in one UFC event was $160, but I have never walked away from an event empty handed. This is a very tough sport to predict, but through research and discipline, the goal is not unobtainable. In making our selection, we not only have to predict who will win their fight, but who will win their fight in the most dominant way possible. The way to secure the most points, is to pick fighters who end their fights in the first, or second rounds. I have also learned that if you stay away from most main events, that limits the number of possible winning outcomes, while also saving on your salary that you have to spend on your fighters. Main events are often so evenly matched, that an early finish becomes very rare. The Heavyweight division is the best one to aim for, when hoping for that early KO. You are allotted $50,000 in DraftKings salary to use on fighters. Fighters range from $8,200 t $11,200 based mainly on the Vegas odds for them to win. It is obvious that you want to make sure that you do not select fighters that are fighting each other when making your picks. There are always a couple of people who end up doing this, which adds for a good laugh, but nothing more.

DraftKings_Logo-WhiteThe reason that I suggest that you avoid the main event can be dissected even further. Most main events draw the higher salary on picks, and they tend to be the most evenly matched fights, which could lead to a decision, causing you to miss out on some major points. In our event today, Cody Garbrandt (8-0) and Thomas Almeida (21-0) are both undefeated fighters. It is very hard to know how that fight will turn out. If the main event turns out to be a grappling match, you may find yourself having a major advantage against all of your opponents. Fighters are given 100 points for a 1st round finish, 70 for a second round win, 50 for a 3rd round finish, 40 for either a 4th or 5th round finish, and 25 points for a decision victory. Fighters are also awarded points for knockdowns, significant strikes, advances, reversals, and takedowns. These aspects all need to be taken into account when selecting your five fighters.

The best contests to enter are the ones that cost a simple $3, and only allow for contestants to enter a maximum of three times. There is also a contest that runs in every event that is a $1 single entry contest. I feel that $10 is a perfect way to get started on your way to making money playing DraftKings UFC. For today’s specific event (UFC Fight Night 88 Almeida vs Garbrandt) I encourage that you simply put some faith in these picks, and see if they will work out for more than just me. The minimum deposit on DraftKings is $5, which would allow for a couple great, educated opportunities to triple, or even quadruple your deposit. I have selected my fighters for today, and expect them to perform well for me in the Octagon.UFCOctagon1000x410

$9,500 Jessica Eye, $10,800 Paul Felder, $9,200 Cody Garbrandt, $9,300 Jeremy Stephens, and $11,200 Abel Trujillo make up my roster for a $5 contest that awards the top three entrants $50. If there is a fight that you are on the fence about, I suggest that you make another lineup in another contest that swaps those fighters. For instance, if you have no idea if you should put your coin on Felder or Burkman, do one lineup with the higher salaried fighter, then make the very same lineup with the other fighter in that space. You do not have to use all of your salary, no matter how tempting it is. A lot of times, UFC events are full of upsets. I have seen two cards in my life where the upsets won nearly every fight.

$8,400 Brian Caraway, $10,800 Paul Felder, $9,400 Erik Koch, $10,700 Adam Milstead, and $10,500 Vitor Miranda make up my second lineup for a $3 contest where the 1st place winner will take home $400. I can understand anyone’s hesitation to play MMA on DraftKings, especially if you do not know much about the sport, but with my help, we can make even the most casual fan, an MMA mastermind. This makes the sport a lot more fun to watch, and there is always a chance that you can be the next big winner on DraftKings.

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