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The Lucha Lowdown

Welcome to The Lucha Lowdown, which recaps the most recent episode of Lucha Underground! Let’s get to it!

Joey-Ryan-Lucha-Underground-featured-640x370The show opened with Vampiro and Pentagon Jr., and as we’ve seen, the latter has been put through the ringer by the former. Pentagon Jr says that he is now ready, but Vampiro states that he isn’t. After that segment, we head to the temple for the first match of the show, Joey Ryan vs Mascarita Sagrada, who still has Famous B and Brenda with him. Unfortunately, Mascarita’s skid under Famous B continued; now at 0-3 after losing to Joey Ryan. As ESPN’s Chris Berman often says, “One’s an accident, two’s a trend, three is a problem.”

After that, a video promo featuring Taya was shown, and I absolutely loved it! I’ve said for weeks on past posts and on social media (@ClydeEDawkins) that I love me some Taya, and it was absolutely spectacular to see Taya take down people in a red evening gown! We later see King Cuerno…with Mil Muertes in a glass case! Hmmm.

chavo-guerrero-dario-cuetoSurprisingly, the Gift of the Gods Championship match between Chavo Guerrero (c) and Cage was not the main event; instead following after Cuerno’s segment. This was the match announced last week after Cage helped Chavo win the title, and not surprisingly, the match stole the entire episode. Why it was not the main event, I’ll never know. Also as expected, Cage defeated Chavo to capture the title, and after his victory, Cage announced that he will cash in the title and challenge Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship next week!

We know head backstage where we see Taya with PJ Black and Jack Evans, 2/3 of the challengers for the Trios Championship. Tarya stated that she had a surprise for the pair, and that surprise was Fenix…laid out courtesy of Johnny Mundo. Mundo later offered to replace Fenix as their partner, which Black and Evans were elated to accept.

Meanwhile, in Dario Cueto’s office, Joey Ryan and Ricky Reyes were searching for evidence against Cueto, and they apparently found some in the form of a drawer full of cash. At that moment, Mr. Cisco, Reyes’s tag team partner, finds them in Cueto’s office. Thinking that they’re robbing Cueto, Cisco becomes upset that he wasn’t part of their plan and threatens to tell Cueto, but Joey and Reyes have to resort to holding Cisco under arrest, after their cover was pretty much blown.

TriosChampionshipBeltsThe Trios Championship took the main event, and it was highway robbery at its blatant best. The makeshift team of Black, Evans, and Mundo (with Taya on their side) cheated their way to the titles against Dragon Azteca, Prince Puma, and Rey Mysterio, giving Mundo his first LU Championship. A rematch should be in the works, but when it will take place remains up in the air.

One thing that isn’t up in the air:  Cage vs Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship will happen next week! That’s the Lucha Lowdown! Until next week!!!

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