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Ultimate Fighter; Will Team Jedrzejczyk’s Woes Continue?

Joanna-JedrzejczykChampion Joanna Jedrzejczyk knows how to win. Then why is she having so much trouble pulling out a win on this season’s Ultimate Fighter? To counteract her team’s low morale, Joanna decided to let her team hear just how blunt her feelings were. She called each member of the team weak. She explained just how many other fighters would kill for the very opportunity that they were so easily letting slip. A few of the team’s male fighters did not take well to being called “pu**ies” by a 115 lb. woman. To their credit, it is very hard to win a professional MMA fight, let alone an MMA tournament. Joanna’s frustration is very understandable, but her approach may not carry the weight that she wished it would.


Following Jedrzejczyk’s speech, veteran fighter Myron Dennis (12-4) hoped to make a big statement when he was matched up against Andrew Sanchez (7-2). The very same Andrew Sanchez that wasn’t even supposed to be on the show, as he was initially matched with early favorite Phil Hawes, who he easily defeated. Even though Myron looked very comfortable on his feet, he never seemed able to effectively land any strikes on Sanchez. What looked to be a great pairing for the show, ended in a very lopsided victory for Cladia Gadhela’s number one male pick, Sanchez.


Gadhela would once again use a very tactical approach when selecting the next fight. Team Joanna’s Helen Harper had previously suffered a couple of minor injuries, as well as a small bout with bronchitis. It was a no brainer that she would soon have to put her professional MMA career on the line with the obvious disadvantage these issues created. Gadelha paired Harper with Lanchana Green, a very elite English striker, who did all she could to impress everyone with her entry fight, when she TKO’ed her opponent with some dangerous knees and elbows.GreenvsHarper

Harper is a very tough grappler, which meant that she wanted to allow as little space as possible between her and her opponent. Green would want to create space in order to limit Harper’s control, as well as land strikes to damage her opponent. This fight showed advantages for both ladies, which led to the show contestant’s first 3rd round to decide the winner. Harper was able to land takedowns, and do some damage from a dominant position, but Lanchana was just too much on the feet. Harper’s face showed signs of damage from the opening round, which only progressed as the fight did. Helen never quit, and she was able to keep this fight very close, but Joanna’s team suffered their fourth loss in a row to open the show.

It is hard to see such great athletes suffer such bad luck in a tournament like this. It also goes to show that whoever has the power to select these fights, carries a monstrous advantage. Gadelha is doing everything right to this point in the show. She is allowing Joanna no room for any errors, and there aren’t many to be made in MMA to begin with. This competition creates such a competitive crescendo that I cannot wait to see these two ladies face off once again at the show’s finale.

update-abdel-medjedoub-in-seriouOne thing to note going forward, Team Gadelha’s Abdel Medjedoub was shown before the last fight having a very heated argument with his wife on the phone. The fighters are allowed no outside contact, but Medjedoub’s wife stated that she would leave her husband if she could not speak to him, so the show’s producers allowed it. He is remaining on the show, but if Joanna is able to win her next fight, and get control of the fight selections, she may have an easy target on the opposing side. This is an MMA competition, but it is still a very drama-filled reality show, that promises a lot of twist and turns in the episodes to come.

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