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Top Ten Thursday

1. Chicago Cubs


Last week: #1

Not the best week for the Cubs, but they’re still number one on my list. Ben Zobrist keeps on rolling and remains hot for the offense.

2. Boston Red Sox


Last week: #3

Boston may have lost its fourth series of the year when they dropped two of three against Kansas City. Regardless, they have been dominant at home, scoring 6.75 runs per game and allowing 4.67 per game.

3. San Francisco Giants


Last week: #9

San Francisco took two away from the Cubs and became more comfortable in 1st place of the NL West.

4. Baltimore Orioles


Last week: #5

The Orioles can easily take the number one spot away from the Red Sox in the AL East. Let’s see what they can do against Cleveland this upcoming weekend.

5. Washington Nationals


Last week: #4

Daniel Murphy’s bat continues to stay hot. Max Scherzer’s ERA is the worst of their 5-man rotation, which is the only concern at the time.

6. Chicago White Sox


Last week: #2

The White Sox dropped way down on my list this week. They have lost four straight series. Their division lead over the Indians and Royals is fading.

7. New York Mets


Last week: #7

The Mets lead the NL in home runs with 65 and Yoenis Cespedes leads the NL with 15 of those homers.

8. Cleveland Indians


Last week: N/A

The Indians outscored their Ohio foe, Reds, 43-16 over the course of the four-game series. They were struggling to score runs at times this season, but their offense seemed to come out of the woodwork.

9. Seattle Mariners


Last week: #6

The Rangers are creeping up on the Mariners in the AL West. Their away record is 18-7 and this weekend they will take things on the road to face the Twins.

10. St. Louis Cardinals


Last week: N/A

The Cardinals are just behind Boston in runs and RBIs.


Left off the list this week:

Texas Rangers (Last week: #8)

I wouldn’t say the Rangers have been doing horrible, they’ve been awesome this season. Just barely missed the list. They find themselves knocking on the Mariners’ door for 1st place in the AL West.

Philadelphia Phillies (Last week: #10)

The Phillies just have to do better if they want to be contenders this year. Their schedule is about to get tougher as they face the Cubs then the Nationals.

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