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Brewers Week In Review: Three Up Three Down

Opponents For The Week VS Cubs @ Mets

Record for the week: 2-4

Summary: All six games this week were played within a positive or negative run total of two. So the Brewers were again in all of the games this week

Three Up –

chase-andersonBrewersChase Anderson: Anderson had a very solid two start week. Anderson opened the week of games by delivering his best outing as a Brewer against baseballs best team on Tuesday night at Miller Park. Anderson came within one strike of a complete game shutout before running out of steam, allowing back to back home runs and having to be hooked. But make no mistake Anderson was great in the Brewers victory over the division rivals. Anderson was efficient, attacking, aggressive, in control and up tempo. The defense therefore was alert and ready to make several difficult play behind him. This allowed Anderson to take a no hitter into the eighth inning. His second start of the week was not as successful but he still gave the team a reasonable chance to win. The only drawback to Anderson’s week was he continues to struggle with allowing home runs.

JuniorGuerraJunior Guerra: Guerra was equally excellent to Anderson in his start Thursday afternoon. He got behind thanks to a first pitch leadoff homer. After that Guerra settled down and got as deep as he has gotten into a game in his time as a Brewer. Guerra shut down one of baseball’s most powerful offenses for seven innings. For the afternoon he allowed five hits and three runs in seven innings. He also had a career high 11 strikeouts. For the season Guerra has a 3-0 record with an ERA that is under 4.00. That is as good as any Brewers fan could have asked.

Bullpen: When you are in games as close as all the games this team played this week, you stay in those types of games that are close in either a positive or negative direction by depending on your pitching staff but specifically your bullpen. The bullpen all season has been depended on to cover a large amount of innings due to under performance of the starting rotation, high pitch counts to starting pitchers or because of a fair number of games going to extra innings in the first month and half. Regardless of the situation, much has been asked of the bullpen and they have been solid from front to back. The bullpen is certainly doing their part to keep the Brewers competitive against tough completion.

Three Down:

Baseball fundamentals: The Brewers had the following situation on Wednesday night: tie game, 12th inning, bases loaded and no outs. The Brewers proceeded to hit a fly ball to shallow to do anything with followed by two pop ups. One would think in that situation you would get a run in just by the fact that the defense has to play their infielders and outfielders in extremely far in order to make possible plays at the plate. The Cubs even went with an extra infielder instead of the traditional three outfielders to try and reduce holes for ground balls. The shallow fly ball went to shallow center field right to a waiting fielder and the pop ups were nowhere close to driving in a run. This situation continues to highlight a weakness of the Brewers. They struggle with the fundamental part of baseball that goes a long way towards deciding close games.

Base running: The Brewers broke another baseball cardinal rule on several occasions. Base runners are supposed to not attempt to go from second to third base on a ground ball in front of them. More simply said, if you can see the ball, stay at the base you are at. The Brewers broke this rule on several occasions. Also there were other times when the Brewers got runners tagged out because they got too big of a lead off the bag on failed bunt attempts. Base running is another area where teams can run themselves out of innings and ultimately the game by giving away outs. The more outs made on the bases the less outs your hitters have to work with.

Inopportune walks: While the volume of walks has been cut drastically, walks are still occurring at inopportune and hurtful times in games. The biggest example of this was a bases loaded walk in the Cubs game referenced above. This walk forced in a run and ultimately provided the winning margin for a Cubs victory.

Bottom line: The Brewers did a good job of hanging around against two of the better teams in the national league. The pitching was outstanding this week but key walks and poor fundamentals and execution provided the reasons behind the 2-4 record. The Brewers will face two teams with worse records then them this week in the Braves and Reds.  

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