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3 Impacts From Impact

So much occurred last night on Impact Wrestling, but what stood out the most? Here are my 3 Impacts From Impact!

The main event is set for Slammiversary, and it will be Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley going at it again for the World Heavyweight Championship. Last week saw a Lumberjack Match between Drew and Lashley go awry when the Lumberjacks got physically involved, causing the match to be thrown out. After another verbal confrontation between champion and challenger, Dixie Carter stepped in and announced that the two will go at it at Slammiversary, and in this match, only knockout and tapout will determine a winner. I do sense a title change at the event; it does seem like this whole thing with Lashley will lead to him getting the title, unless they’re having Mike Bennett knock Drew off the perch.

I mentioned the word “Knockout,” and as always, the evil Maria Kanellis attempted to do away with a KO who is “in the way of her vision.” In the case of this week, it was Gail Kim, and she was placed in the same scenario that befell Velvet Sky; either defeat Sienna or she’s fired. Despite the involvement from Maria, Gail prevailed, but that didn’t stop Maria and Sienna from getting the last physical word with their attack on Gail. The trio of Maria, Allie, and Sienna reminds me of another villainous women’s wrestling trio:  The Office, from the Women Superstars Uncensored promotion. That group consisted of Sassy Stephie, Amanda Rodriguez, and Mademoiselle Rachelle, and they caused their share of trouble as well.

Raquel is back! It was about four months ago that Raquel (Tough Enough alum Gabi Castrovinci) debuted in TNA and was originally paired up with Lashley, but she had been off TV for a long while due to her poor wrestling performance at the Knockouts Knockdown tapings last month. After her hiatus, Raquel resurfaced last night as the “guru” for The BroMans, and judging from the segment, she gave them one heck of a workout. I am anxious to see where this gimmick goes; maybe it will lead to a third tag team title reign for the BroMans.

Those are my 3 Impacts from Impact! Until next week!

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