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How I would Write WWE Extreme Rules

It is a rather simple concept. If I was the head creative writer for WWE, this is how would I write Extreme Rules. The part of the article that is not so simple, is that I like to think 2 or 3 steps ahead when I do these columns. Anyone can simply say this guy wins, and then boast about being right when they had a 50/50 chance of being right. I like to tell you why I would write every result, what it leads to and how every rivalry can tell a story. Because true wrestling fans like a story and loved to be entertained, not just watch a match.



Hopefully this will be the end of Dolph being in the doghouse. He has another mediocre match with Baron Corbin and puts him over. I predict an Extreme finish to convince those people who are on the fence of purchasing the WWE Network to hit the buy button. More than likely an End of Days off the ramp and through a table, or something such as for the win. The WWE should take advantage of the No Disqualification part of this and have someone interfere to allow Dolph to pick up the win. I would love to see Kane come out and choke slam Corbin through a table so Dolph could get the win. Then on Raw have Kane come out and say that the “Old Era” is not going to lay down for the “New Era” and if Corbin wants to be a lone wolf he needs to sharpen his teeth on someone like Kane! The exact same story would actually be better for Ryback, if he and WWE have worked out their contract dispute.




This match is a joke. Kalisto is a good wrestler, the same way that Rey Mysterio was a good wrestler, but also like Rey he is not believable as a Champion. This match is to set up the return of John Cena on Monday Night Raw. But, the WWE can’t even do that right. This match should be Alberto Del Rio and Kalisto, with Del Rio winning and then being challenged by Cena on Memorial Day for the United States Championship, with Cena winning of course. But as it is, Rusev will win and Cena will beat him on Monday night and Kalisto will go back to teaming with Sin Cara and they will make a run at the Tag Team Titles before years end.


Speaking of tag matches, there is a Tornado Tag Match on the card. The rules of the match say this is no ordinary tag team match with all four combatants allowed in the ring every second of the match. There will be tons of double team moves through out the match. As far as a story line, these two teams will simply put on a tag team clinic and further their rivalry that is not going away anytime soon. I look for two things; one, Gallows and Anderson to pick up the win with the boot of doom two, this to be a surprisingly good match that could possibly steal the show.



Two great story tellers will grace the ring next, and so will a straight jacket, kendo stick, and God only knows what else in the Asylum Match between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. I look for Jericho to dominate this match and put Ambrose’s body through some teeth gritting spots. But, in the end Ambrose will hit Jericho with son of Mitch the potted plant for the victory. This will be another match to prove that Ambrose is the modern day Mick Foley, with himself and Jericho telling a great story within the ropes. The problem is, I am not sure where this match or this rivalry leaves either of them. We never know when Jericho is going to go on another hiatus nor for how long, and Dean seems to be stuck in the best of the B+ wrestlers when it comes to creative. If I am writing this, then the rivalry is over. Jericho needs another fan friendly babyface that he can but over, I think Sami Zayn would be his best person to start a lengthy program with until Summer Slam when I suspect Jericho will once again become with Fozzy. As far as Dean Ambrose, he more than likely needs some time off to heel from all the bumps he has taken lately. asylum_match


New Day is the most entertaining tag team the WWE has had in years. The Vaudevillains are unique. I want to see more from the Vaudevillains before they are handed the tag titles. This rivalry is just starting, and it needs to have a story behind it. It needs to be the old school vs the new school. But it is very important that the challengers look very strong in this match, or else the whole possible storyline looses all momentum. The Vaudevillians need to get a manager, someone from the WWE’s past to hit home the old school mentality and give them some credibility. I think Zeb Colter would add so much to this rivalry, and would kind of even out the 3 on 2 advantage that the New Day has as well. The Vaudevillains need to loose by a handful of tights of using the ropes for leverage or something like that. They then go out and hire a manger, then they win at Night of Champions and New Day reclaiming their titles at the following pay-per-view. TagTeamTitleMatch


This is the match I am most looking forward to on the entire card. This match has “steal the show” potential. I expect to be on the seat of my sofa the entire match. This match would have a two part finish, if I were writing it. Number 1, the Miz would loose his title without being pinned. The finish would be Kevin Owens hitting the pop-up powerbomb on Sami Zayn only to have …….wait for it……wait for it…..Randy Orton RKO him and keep him from winning the title. Then have Cesaro sneak in for the victory. The Miz would then receive a rematch and  that would build a rivalry between Miz and Cesaro. Two of the better wrestlers going in WWE currently and a perfect heel face rivalry. The Randy Orton interfeerance would allow him to return as a babyface against one of WWE’s best heels right now in Kevin Owens. Orton could say he was tired of listening to the Kevin Owens show, so he introduced him to the RKO. And remember I would put Zayn in a feud with Jericho.FatalFourWay


The build up for this match on Raw was awful, I hope the match is not the same. These two ladies were given the last segment of Raw to shine and instead they botched it up and lost some of their momentum. I would give Natty a title run for a few months, for if no other reason than everything she has done for the division. But, sadly, I think the powers that be will allow Charlotte to win. Another possible twist, would be to have Ric Flair actually come to the ring and cost her the title. But I would write it as the ref takes a bump and to everyone’s disbelief, Stephanie actually comes out in a ref shirt and does a Charles Robinson, “I heard her tap the moment Natty puts her in the sharpshooter, gives Natty the title and a confrontation ensues in the ring and starts a rivalry between Stephanie and Charlotte.ERwomensChampionshipMatch


And the Main Event.



Someone is going to get hurt, actually, both men will more than likely limp away with battle scars. But who will walk away with the title? This match will not be a fair fight. Someone will interfere in this match. And creative will not allow Reigns to loose this quickly after all the build-up to WrestleMania. That means someone will cost AJ Styles the match. I think creative will allow that man to be former Bullett Club member Finn Baylor, and I would not be upset with that if it was done right. But, let me give you a better name with the ability to tell a better story. What if Austin Aries costs Styles the match. Then the following night on Raw A double says “AJ Styles thinks he is special. He thinks he does not have to wrestle in the low ranks of NXT, and now all the sudden, he is not only in WWE but wrestling for the Heavyweight Title? Austin Aries has beat AJ Styles in countries all over the world, and now he is going to do it in WWE!”

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