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A 10 Year Vetern Asks for his WWE Release

Cody Rhodes announced on his personal Twitter account that he has asked for his release from WWE. He posted this on Twitter:

I am not sure what this means. But if Cody really leaves WWE I will be extremely upset that WWE again wasted a great young talent in Cody. I can’t remember the last time he was in a decent rivalry with another Superstar. Cody is a talent in the ring, and on the mic. I do believe the Stardust character has run it’s course and Cody should come back from the 5th demention into reality.CodyRhodesGoldust

The other question I would have about this turn of events is what is going to become of his wife’s ring announcing skills?

Rhodes started with WWE in 2006 and trained in OVW before being called up to the main roster in July of 2007. He would go on to be a part of “Legacy” with Ted Dibiase Jr and Randy Orton. Lately, Rhodes has been working as Stardust on the main roster. During his time with the company, he was a two-time Intercontinental Champion, three-time WWE Tag Team Champion, and three-time World Tag Team Champion.

WWE has yet to officially comment on Rhodes’ request for his release. And as of print time he is still listed as one of their superstars.

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