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An Officer & a Cardinal’s Fan

On May 18, Phoenix Police Officer David Glasser was responding to a burglary when he was shot by the suspect. Today May 19th he passed away leaving two children without a father, in order to keep everyone else’s children safe.

I am a first responder, I am not sure when I say goodbye to my wife and daughter every morning if I will ever see them again. I try not to think about it much, I just go out and do my job everyday like everyone else. But on days like today, I stop and think a little more. I hug my daughter a little longer and squeeze her a little tighter. I kiss my wife one extra time.

The Valley has understandably been shaken by the tragic event. But, so has the Arizona sports community. Glasser was an Arizona guy, and an officer. He attended Phoenix Moon Valley High School and then went on Arizona State University. He had a special love for the Arizona Cardinals and the Sun Devils.

DavidGlasserPoem“It broke my heart,” an emotional Cardinals coach Bruce Arians told Bickley and Marotta on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Thursday of the news. “I try not to get too emotional because every day our police officers and firefighters and emergency medical people run out and don’t know if they’re coming home. They’re really the true heroes in this city; it’s not football players and football coaches. We play games.”

“Our heart and prayers all go out to the Glasser family and just wish them all the support in this time.”

Cardinals fans expressed their dismay and sympathy on Twitter, where Glasser was active under the name @InAZWeHitPeople.

“Our police, they do such an unbelievable, great job of protecting us and doing everything right for us,” he said. “And it’s a shame when something like this happens.”

It is great, that people like Arians and Fitzgerald take the time to notice special fans who really are heroes. We put the black stripe over our badges, fly our flags at half mast, say an extra prayer, and know our streets are safe tonight.

Thank You to Officer David Glasser and all the other men and women who do what you do every day. We got your 6.

Everyone here at CleatGeeks will say a prayer with a heavy heart tonight.

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