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Smack Talk: Preview of Smack Down & Extreme Rules

The last Smack Down episode before Extreme Rules will undoubtedly be nothing more than a normal go home show for WWE.  With all the matches set for Sunday, many of the participants will be in action Thursday night.  Kevin Owens will face Cesaro, also Dolph Ziggler will face Sheamus, New Day & Cass vs Dudleyz & Vaudevillians, Dana Brooke vs Paige, & Roman Reigns vs Luke Gallows.  This lineup has incredible potential for great entertainment….but with the continuing rash of injuries occurring in WWE, the probability of vanilla matches seems more plausible.Smackdown-logo-2013-NEW-620x250


Looking ahead to Extreme Rules, one match that seems awfully intriguing is the “Asylum Match” between Y2J & Dean Ambrose.  The conditions of the match seem to be similar to Hell in a Cell, with weapons hanging throughout the cage area.   This could become pretty gruesome!  This feud has already claimed the lives of Mitch the plant (gone too soon) & Y2J’s $15,000 illuminated custom jacket (had a good life.)  I’d assume Dean wins this match, but then again, never count Jericho out.  He’s the best in the world at what he does….or so he claims.extreme-rules-620x350

AsylumMatchI really can’t see many titles changing hands at Extreme Rules.  Every time I try to talk myself into picking the challenger to win, I make a stronger counter argument on why they won’t.  While Styles winning the title from Reigns would be amazing, it feels more & more like WWE is booking A.J. to simply validate their champion. Similarly, I see Natalya being used as validation for Charlotte as well.  Why else would Ric Flair be banned from ringside?  A win for Natalya would contain the narrative that Charlotte couldn’t win without her father.  While the Fatal 4 way match should be the show stealer, Miz without the Intercontinental title would derail the current heat they have brought to his character.  Much the same way that New Day’s momentum could be jeopardized.  However, that is the one match that I could see a title change happening.  The Vaudevillians have been on a tear since their arrival & New Day could stand on their own without the titles. WWE better think long & hard before rocking the boat in these 2 feuds.

wwe-extreme-rules-2016-kalisto-rusevThe one match I can’t get into is Kalisto vs Rusev.  Kalisto is an incredible wrestler.  Rusev has been completely mismanaged since his loss to John Cena at WrestleMania 31.  If Kalisto wins, he’ll retain over the Rusev that has lost so many times since his initial undefeated streak.  If Rusev wins & regains the United States title, it signals a 2nd attempt to push his brutal character.  Both scenarios give me the reaction of….meh.

I’m sure there will be some surprises along the way, but the anticipation for this Sunday is mediocre.  At least from my perspective.  However, what will be very interesting to follow is if WWE decides to deviate from the current norm.

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