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So what makes a volleyball player a great volleyball player? Just like other sports, there are many answers to that question, but for me, it’s the understanding that volleyball is a game of mistakes.volletballCourtFor example, if player A on one hits (spikes-btw I hate that word) it into the net, side B gets the point. What?! Side B technically didn’t earn that point! Well, welcome to volleyball.
In basketball, if Kobe Bryant misses a shot, the Cavs don’t get the points. Kyrie Irving has to actually take the shot and finish the shot in order to earn points.
The game of volleyball is unique in that way. So once a volleyball player can understand that this game is about making mistakes, they can then learn how to minimize their mistakes.PinkVolleyball
I coach at the high school level in Chicago, and I teach my athletes (boys and girls I don’t discriminate) that volleyball is a game of mistakes, you just have to learn from them and don’t make the same mistake twice.
So with that, comes attitude. Like I said, it is ok to make a mistake, but how are you going to react after that mistake? That’s the real question…
What I teach my athletes is…Next Play. You make a mistake…shake it off…and focus on the next play.
If you sulk about it, you get in your own head and will continue to make more mistakes. In my next article, I will discuss how mental the game of volleyball is. But for now, I want you to understand the importance of your reaction and attitude towards making a mistake in volleyball. It’s going to happen, so you have to shake it off, get over it, and focus on the next play.

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