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Brewers Week In Review: Three Up Three Down

Record for the Week: 3-4

Opponents For The Week: @ Marlins, VS Padres

Summary: This week showed some what of a role reversal but only to a certain point.

Three Up: This is without question the best week out of the starting rotation as a whole of the season as they actually collected three quality starts between Wednesday and Friday night’s games. A quality start is defined as when a pitcher goes at least six innings and allows three runs or less.

ZachDaviesZach Davies: Showed some real progress this week following a rough start to the season. He had two starts this week and recorded his first win of the season in his first outing of the week. In his two starts this week Davies pitched 11.1 innings and allowed four total runs and eight total hits. He also reduced his walk total to three over both starts. Davies has little margin for error due to his lack of velocity but it is encouraging to see someone on this staff make some decent improvement.

Bullpen: The bullpen has been solid over the past few weeks but they were exceptional this week. All but one of the games this week was decided between one and three runs either in the Brewers favor or the favor of the opposition. The bullpen did a good job top to bottom this week of keeping games close when that is what is called for and protecting leads when that group was asked for innings. The Brewers, like most big league bullpens, are structured in such fashion that a certain group of people pitches when behind or tied and a certain group pitches when tied or ahead. Without going over the names responsible, both bullpen groups were solid in their roles this week. Over the last ten games the Brewers have posted a bullpen ERA of 1.59 and an opponent batting average of .197.

Jonathan Villar: Villar continues to do a nice job starting the majority of the games at short stop. He recorded 12 hits in 29 at bats this week. His speed continues to be a big asset in the top of the line-up. His speed also forces the attention of pitchers away from hitters and onto himself. This can and has led to pitch location issues that the hitter can use to their advantage.

Three Down: The 3-4 record for the week can be viewed as a fortunate one due to the offensive under-performance of the offense in key situations this week.

Poor fundamentals/ lack of execution: This is a rather broad category but there were several instances of errors on the bases leading to outs and ending innings. There were several other issues where hitters could not move runners over properly by hitting fly balls, hitting the ball to the right side of the infield or bunting runners over. It is the basic guts to any well running offense in baseball and yet it is an issue the Brewers have dealt with consistently over a several year period. It is an issue that won’t be addressed overnight but it needs to looked at over time and worked at resolving.

High Left On Base Totals or LOB: LOB is calculated each inning as the number of runners left on base when an inning concludes. The Brewers left the following number of runners on base in each game this week: 9, 12, 7, 6, 9, 16, and 10. Another way to access these numbers is looking at how a team hits with runners in scoring position or at bats occurring with runners at either second, third, or both. In the recently completed weekend series against San Diego the Brewers were 3 for 40 this weekend with runners in scoring position. That is basically the definition of zero clutch hitting.

  Photo by; Scott Paulus/Brewers

Photo by; Scott Paulus/Brewers

Willy Peralta: Peralta made two starts this week and they can respectively be described as poor followed by awful. Peralta allowed 10 hits and two walks but limited damage to two runs in a loss to the Marlins. He was burned much worse in Saturdays no decision to the Padres. He allowed eight hits, six runs, including two homers in not even five innings of work. The Brewers opening day starter has seen his ERA jump to an unacceptable 7.30. How the Brewers go about attempting to fix him will be a topic for future weeks

Bottom Line: A 3-4 record on the week is not good but things could be reasonably worse given the underperformance of Peralta and the offense. The Brewers have a difficult week ahead – a preview of their June schedule if you will. As they will face the Cubs at home before traveling to New York to see the Mets next weekend. Those opponents currently hold two of the four best records in the National League.


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