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Raw starts off with AJ Styles. And he is interrupted by the Champion Roman Reigns. And the opening segment ends really stupid. Gallows and Anderson’s music hits and while they make their way to the ring the Uso’s come out of the crowd and join Reigns in the ring. Reigns hits AJ and he tumbles out of the ring being held back by Gallows and Anderson.

Sami Zayn vs Cesaro with Kevin Owens and Miz on play-by-play

CesaroSwingKevin Owens cheap shots Miz and grabs the title like he is going to take it so Miz then smacks him and they go into the ring and all 4 of them start on each other which forces the ref to throw out the match. Shane comes out and says it will now be a tag team match with Miz and KO against Zayn and Cesaro. Then Stephanie comes out and makes it Miz and Cesaro against KO and Zayn. She also tells KO if he walks out on the match then he is not in the Fatal 4 Way at Extreme Rules. This was a great match that the 4 of them had. They proved they all hate each other and all trashed talked each other all match long as each of them tried to do the others moves. It ended with Zayn pinning the Miz.

The Shining Stars(Primo and Epico) vs two jobbers (Scott Jackson and Brian Kenedy)

It took about 90 seconds for the Shining Stars to win. A waste of good Raw minutes.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring! He wastes little time calling out Y2J. Jericho demands an apology. Ambrose challenged Jericho to a match at Extreme Rules. It is the first ever Asylum Match. Which is basically a steel cage with toys on top.

Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke

It was a decent match, it did have a few botched moves but it was decent and showed that the Woman’s division does have potential. But, I must say, I do not understand the “we want Lana” chants. As much as Vince is said to like her, she would be wrestling if she was ready.

GoldenTruthGolden Truth vs Tyler Breeze and Fandango

The vignette that was put together really made this match. It is comedic wrestling. But with all comedic wrestling, what will happen after this rivalry has ran it course? All four of them will again fade into nothingness.

What is that in the ring? Who cares it is New Day! It turns out to be a time machine. And after a clever skit with some unique lights and camera work, Xavier Woods gets driven into the empty refrigerator box by the Vaudevillians as they put New Day on notice after being made fun of.

Gallows and Anderson vs the Uso’s with AJ and Reigns in the corners

stylesclashonchairA decent match, which broke down, just like it does every week. And once again the chair comes into play. This time AJ actually uses the chair against Reigns. They are building a story, but I am afraid the Extreme Rules match will just turn into a 6 man match just like the last 3 weeks on Raw. And just like last week, this is not the main event. I think the Heavyweight Champion should be in the main event if he is involved in a storyline.

Big Cass to the ring.

He called Devon the Steve Erkle of the squared circle! That was funny. Then he took care of business with a boot to Bubba Ray and the East River Crossing to Devon.

Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio

As if we have not seen this match before. Good spot outside the ring as Kalisto comes off the apron and tries a hurrican-rada but gets caught upside down and driven hard into the barricade as the show goes to commercial. We see Sin Cara backstage watching the match on a monitor. Rusev attacks him as Del Rio dominates in the ring. Rusev eventually drags Sin Cara to the ring and distracts Kalisto for the backstabber and the win. Then Rusev attacks Kalisto with a vicious kick to the back of the head and his finisher the accolade that almost breaks Kalisto in half.

The contract signing for the submission match between Charlotte and NatalyaContractSigningFlairHart

First of all I am shocked that they are giving the last word of the night to the Women. I realize it is Flair Country being in Greensboro and all, but I am still surprised. But honestly, this was a letdown of a segment. Now granted, there is a lot of pressure to do a live segment with 2 Flairs in Carolina, but the segment did not flow, and felt like different people were just trying to bail each other out. Shane tried to bail out Nattie as she rambled, then Charlotte seemed like she tried to bail out Shane when he seemed to have a brain fart on words. Ric just looked uncomfortable the whole time. But the real problem I have with this segment is that they are setting up another match, before they have the match they are suppose to be building to at Extreme Rules. Stephanie is going to interfere in this match and cause Charlotte her title. Then the two of them are going to have a rivalry.

Overall this Raw was not very good, way to much talking and not enough wrestling. To many matches that were 2 minutes or less and matches that had nothing to do with Extreme Rules. Plus, I am already tired of saying this is the “new era” of WWE and trying to work it into their skits.


Best Match- Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Miz

Best Mouth- Tie between Chris Jericho selling the story against Ambrose and Big Cass

Biggest Pop- Big Cass

Worst Raw Moment- The debut of the Shinning Stars



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