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Jose Bautista, Rougned Odor & Baseball Ethics

As I metaphorically sit on Green’s Hill, I am looking at the certain aftermath of what some would call a brawl but for all intents and purposes this was a fight and a bad fight. I am torn between my the loyalty to my team and the loyalty to the beauty that is professional baseball, most of the time, I have been very proud to be a Texas Ranger fan and I still am. Should those kind of punches be thrown? NO. Are they going to be?  YES, and Will it happen again? Pretty much a guarantee.

What is my opinion on this?

In my opinion I don’t think Matt Bush went after Jose Bautista, if you look at the pitch it just look like it got away. I don’t think Rougned Odor was the only one at fault here, This only thing he did was throw the first punch. If Adrian Beltre had not gotten to Bautista, It would have been a whole lot worse.  I also think Adrian Beltre saved Bautista’s life, or at least prevented him from being further injured, that bear hug made sure the only thing Bautista got was a sore jaw.  No I do not think this was a planned attack.

Do I approve of this?

No, but I do think it was needed, call it dirty call it mean but there was a lot going on this week and the last postseason. It just boiled over. Logic and reason were thrown out the window.  The videos shows it all clear as day, there is no doubt who did wrong and everyone involved should not fight any more than they already have. Take your punishments and sit out the suspension and pay the fines.

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Was this good for baseball?

I find that statement funny when people said this was good for baseball, there is no such thing as bad publicity, but I am very neutral on this. I don’t think it hurt anything with baseball, people who watch baseball know these things happen and I don’t want others to think this kind of thing happens all the time.

My fellow geeks at Geek Nation talk about Rivalry and what makes a good one. In my opinion the best rivalry in all of baseball is Northside vs Southside, Cubs vs White Sox, and now I think there is a true rivalry with the Rangers vs Blue Jays, with the same intense hatred of the classic northside vs southside rivalry. You can here the entire Geek Nation Conversation here.

For those of you who are baseball and wrestling fans, here is Jim Ross, legendary wrestling announcer announcing the action!

Should they meet again in the postseason…Watch Out! Odor has a mean hook.


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