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Smack Talk review for Smack Down



As we approach Extreme Rules almost a week away, more matches & storylines are becoming clearer.  Dean Ambrose will be facing Chris Jericho.  A.J. Styles vs Roman Reigns.  Usos vs Gallows & Anderson.  Kalisto vs Rusev.  Charlotte vs Natalya.  Emma vs Becky Lynch.   New Day vs Vaudevillians.  John Cena may or may not be involved in the event as well.  But the match that could steal the whole show is a Fatal 4 way match for the Intercontinental Title between Miz (champion) vs Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, & Cesaro.  Let’s start there for this week’s recap of Smack Down…..


Mixed Tag Team match: Cesaro & Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens & Miz

First, let me congraulate WWE.  (That’s not sarcasm) These 4 wrestlers have done a phenomenal job over the last few weeks at building the anticipation for this match. That obviously cannot be done without some big picture thinking & strategic weekly booking. The addition of wife Maryse to Miz’s character & the red carpet treatment for both have been spectacular.  He’s becoming less of a comedic heel & more so just a despised heel.  Miz’s in-ring work has really been showcased as well. Not only has he formed an identity for his wrestling style as champion, but his mic skills in promos have been off the charts…..matched & exceeded by only, Kevin Owens.  Both men have been mainly the two vocal points driving this feud (other than the announce teams, obviously), while Sami & Cesaro have garnered fan support as the antithesis to both Kevin & Miz.  Owens has been absolutely tremendous these past few weeks.  He’s shown to do announcing with the broadcast team & jab at not only the wrestlers in this feud, but the announcers themselves.  A role that he has flourished in.  Before this match began, Owens made sure to stop by the announce team table, grab Byron Saxton’s headset, & tell Byron, “You better talk good about me in this match, Byron!” Kevin also explained that this match was the last opportunity he would give Miz to show that he’s a good tag team partner.  That became an ironic statement once the match began. Miz & Owens argued a lot in the beginning of the match, with Owens yelling to Miz “I can do better!”  Miz obliged Owens, tagged him in to face Ceasro, then Cesaro immediately tagged in Kevin’s bitter rival Sami Zayn, and Kevin immediately wanted to tag Miz back in.  Owens had foreshadowed this moment of irony just minutes earlier as he bullied Byron Saxton before the match began. Well the Miz removed himself from within reach of Owens by jumping down from their corner, forcing Owens to square off against Zayn. The match continued on & all 4 wrestlers shone in their respective roles: Sami provided excitement with his off the chart, inventive wrestling style; Owens as the cowardly heel; Miz as the traditional hated heel champion; Cesaro however, looked as if he could be the next champion.  He was a one man wrecking crew near the end of this match!  I lost count of how many European uppercuts Cesaro delivered in a row, but if you missed it, or just want to see it again, or want to try & count with me. here is the flurry of uppercuts by the Swiss Superman:


Incredible display by Cesaro & Kevin Owens hit the frogsplash for the win.


Dean Ambrose/Y2J feud

Dean started the show this past week by declaring that he was going to take away the one thing that Chris Jericho couldn’t exist without: his ego.   This prompted an interruption by none other than….Jericho.  Although it was without his $15,000 illuminated jacket because Dean had destroyed that earlier in the week on Raw.  No this was an ambush attack by Jericho.  As the arena lights came on, Jericho had knocked out Ambrose.  Y2J then proceeded to put Dean in a straight jacket.  Y2J then kicked, punched, & even used 2 of his “Code Breakers” on a helpless Dean Ambrose.  All the while mocking Dean saying, ” You want to get crazy? C’mon Ambrose GET CRAZY!” “You belong in an asylum!”


Eventually referees intervened & Y2J then stood atop the announce table, mic in hand, & addressed the crowd.  He declared that they all needed the gift of Jericho & as he presented himself with arms outstrectched told the fans to drink it in.  Thus proving his ego is still very much intact, at least for now.



Dana Brooke debut

I realize that I could discuss either tag team match from this past episode, or the singles match involving members of New Day & Vaudevillians.  I could even recap the rematch between Rusev & Sin Cara.  But I wanted to end this week’s review by talking about a fresh face on the main roster, Dana Brooke.  Many know Dana from her time in NXT, most notably alongside Emma.  These two women were a major force to be reckoned with at NXT & I won’t doubt a similar impact on the main roster.  Emma is quite polished as an in-ring performer & her character has become a complete opposite since her initial main roster debut.  Both as a heel and in her portayal of her character.  Long gone is that quirky, bubbly girl from Australia.  Now the ruthless Aussie has a mean streak about her…vicious even.  Much of this side of Emma has been enacted with the aide of Dana Brooke.  I see Dana as the complete package of a women’s wrestler.  She has the in-ring skill as a bruiser.  Dana is a former bodybuilding champion, so it’s no stretch to portray her as a rough, physical wrestler with her physique.  She has that identity to anybody that watches her wrestle.  Dana also has a very charismatic personality that is essentially what defines her.  She is brash, condescending, & ultimately very blunt.  But it works & it works well.  Plus she’s from the same area as me, so if it sounds like I’m over enthusiastic about Dana, I probably am!  This past Raw, Dana attacked Becky Lynch from behind, during a confrontation between Lynch & Emma.  The segment ended with Dana doing her signature head pat on Lynch.  This would lead to Dana’s debut match, on this episode of Smack Down.  Dana had a very well delivered promo before this match:

Becky & Dana had a very entertaining match together, with Emma poking Becky Lynch in the eye, to assist Dana in her first victory.   These two women are on a mission to put a stranglehold on the women’s division & like Dana said, “Playtime is over.”

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