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Into the Cardinals Nest: Why is Aledmys Diaz Batting at the Bottom of the Order?

AledmysDiaz2The Cardinals have had their fair share of problems early in the season but they have had their bright spots too, especially on offense. One of the best offensive players for the Cardinals early on is the 25-year-old shortstop Aledmys Diaz. He has gotten lots of hits for his team ever since the season started. The only problem is that he has done so well, many wonder why Cardinal manager Mike Matheny does not move him up from the number eight spot in the batting order.

AledmysDiaz3So far in 2016, Diaz has driven in 24 runs on 41 hits with 18 RBI’s to his name. Those are decent numbers by themselves. The problem is that a hitter that good cannot be hitting just before the pitcher. If anything, his bat should go in the cleanup spot. As good as his stats are now, imagine how good they would be if he were hitting with Matt Carpenter, Stephen Piscotty and Jeremy Hazelbaker on base most of the time. Instead, he has hit lower in the order while guys like Randal Grichuk and Kolten Wong have been struggling to find their bats. What makes it even more baffling is that during the series against the Angels, they had him batting 9th.  Pitchers have designated hitters to hit for them under American League rules and it is understandable that a manager wants a good bat in that spot but even with that knowledge Matheny should have known that the best managers always put their best guys in the positions where they can do the most damage offensively. So far, he has not done so with Aledmys Diaz.

Aledmys Diaz is not a lead off guy but he is not a bottom of the order guy either. If the Cardinals are serious about maximizing his offensive potential, they need to move him to the number four spot in the order.  The top of the Cardinals order usually does very well during games. If Diaz keeps hitting like he is now, he would be able to drive in any runners on base. He could even empty the bases with some grand slams. There is no limit to the amount of offensive potential that he has. If the Cardinals use him correctly in the batting order from here on out, the Cardinals offense will be very tough to stop.

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