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Canelo & Khan The 6th round KO & Where They Both Go

458208-alvarez-ptiPower overcame speed as Canelo Alverez(47-1-1,33KOs) knocked out Amir Khan (31-4,19KOs) with a devastating right hand. Canelo took advantage of Khan’s weak chin to win in impressive fashion. That has been the dilemma throughout Amir Khan’s career that he had a weak chin and could not take a punch. He was previously knocked out by Danny Garcia in 2012 and coming into the fight Canelo wanted to use a similar game plan.  BN-NX704_canelo_P_20160508020812

Before Khan was knocked out in the sixth round, most people had him up on the score cards. Khan’s speed was giving Alverez problems, as Khan was able to work his jab. But Later in the fourth and fifth rounds Alverez started to gain control landing body shots and he started getting comfortable putting his combinations together. Finally late in the sixth round Khan was caught throwing punches, and Alverez landed a clean right hand that knocked Amir Khan out cold.

Do We Already Know Canelo’s Next Opponent?

After the fight Canelo called out GGG saying he will fight him right now and he fears no man in the sport of boxing. According to reports Oscar De La Hoya is in the process of making a deal happen with GGG promotional team.

The main issues that need to be worked out to make this fight happen are how the money will be split and what weight will they fight at. Canelo has expressed that he wants the fight to be at a catch weight of 155 and GGG has said he wants the fight at middleweight which is 160, so hopefully they can work the details out.  70db3e6f14ba4ab5d1b2ba5523fe05e1_XL


What is Next For Khan?

As for Amir Khan he still wants to fight and he still thinks there are big fights to be made at 147. Khan believes that his lost to Canelo proved that he went up too much in weight and that caused him to get knocked out. He believes at 147 he can win another world title.

“My mum wanted me to retire like a year ago,” said Khan, who remains undefeated as a welterweight.

“Timagehese are probably the last few good years in me now, because otherwise they’ll kick me out of the house or disown me or something. It’s hard for my family to see me get hurt.

“I keep saying ‘A couple more fights, a couple more fights’ — I’ll end up giving them a heart attack.

“I don’t want to end my career on a loss, I’ve still got some big fights left in me yet. Probably three or four. Financially, I’ve secured myself, I’ve done really well, but I don’t want to leave the sport thinking I had more left in me, I want to enjoy the sport as much as I can.Amir-Khan_22

“I want to leave boxing, not for boxing to retire me. I’ll come back from this stronger, I know I’ve got it in me to come back from being knocked out like that. My boxing skills are still there.

“I can go straight back into another big fight; I just got caught with a big shot.”


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