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Top Ten Thursday

  1. Chicago Cubs


Last week: #1

The Cubs were number one on my list last week and number one is where they’ll stay this week. Do I really need to explain myself? Everything has been hot on the Northside of Chicago, despite the weather.



  1. Chicago White Sox


Last week: #2

The White Sox will stay at number two this week, as well. Two words: TODD. FRAZIER.



  1. New York Mets


Last week: #4

Come on, who didn’t love Bartolo Colon’s home run?! I had to move them up a spot just for that.



  1. Washington Nationals


Last week: #3

Getting swept in a 4-game series by the Chicago Cubs wasn’t expected, but it happened. The Nationals drop down a spot because despite coming close they couldn’t win a game at Wrigley.



  1. Boston Red Sox


Last week: #9

The Red Sox jump from number nine to number five because things are starting to come together for them in previously questionable areas. Plus, the offense leads the AL in batting average, OBP, and slugging percentage.



  1. Baltimore Orioles


Last week: #6

I kept the Orioles at number six. Manny Machado is just so good. Enough said.



  1. Seattle Mariners


Last week: N/A

Well I made a mistake of not putting the Mariners on the list last week, but they’re on it now. Robinson Cano is on fire.


  1. Pittsburgh Pirates


Last week: #5

Pittsburgh moved down from number five to number eight. We’ll see if they can prove themselves when they get their chance at revenge against the Cubs after being swept by them at home.



  1. Texas Rangers


Last week: #7

Derek Holland’s ERA of 6.09 would concern me, but they still have Cole Hamels. Nomar Mazara and Rougned Odor who are hitting well.



  1. San Francisco Giants


Last week: N/A

I didn’t have the Giants on the list last week, but they weren’t doing much to impress me. Their offense needs work, along with their rotation.

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