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And we start off Monday Night Raw with the master of putting over young talent, Chris Jericho. And in this segment he actually did double duty as he put over both Dean Ambrose and Big Cass.BigCassJericho

Barron Corbin is improving as a wrestler, but I still don’t know who Dolph Ziggler ticked off to have to put him over.

There is a Paige sighting on Raw! And she got the predictable win over Charlotte as she is just a filler or the pawn in the rivalry between Natalia and Charlotte. It was nice to see her, but is it to much to see her in a storyline as well?

Sami Zayn and the the Miz but on a great back and forth match. Two things, I hope the Miz finally gets the respect that he deserves from both the company and the fans. He is one of the best complete wrestlers on the roster. By complete, I mean he can talk, wrestle and improvise both in and out of the ring. Second, I did not know much about Zayn before his main roster debut, as I was not watching NXT when it first came out. I wonder how many other people are just starting to discover the talents of Sami Zayn like me.

Darren Young and Bob Backland looks like a great entertaining pair. I think Young has potential and I wish the WWE would give more facetime to other former WWE legends and do some more pairings like this. I think managers are a lost art in the current wrestling product. Wrestling is Life!

LanaASbansheeSin Cara vs Rusev was an interesting match as the character of Lana continues to unfold. I thought she was going to be more than just Rusev’s girlfriend. She is looking more and more like her old character in the movie Banshee. The match ends with a distraction and a win by Sin Cara.

Roman Reigns and The Usos vs Anderson and Gallows and Styles or as they are being refereed to now as “The Club” in an Elimination match. Jay Uso was the first person eliminated by a gallows fist from the outside and a handful of tights by Anderson. Anderson, a few minuter later, was talking smack and was caught in a small package by Jimmy Uso for the second elimination. During the commercial break Styles eliminates Jimmy Uso with the phenomenal forearm. Off a superman punch, Reigns eliminates Gallows. The action then spills to the outside as the 6 participants duke it out outside the ring and the bell is rang and a disqualification is declared. The maylay ends with a chair and Roman and AJ all in the ring. The plot thickens between the two on their way to their match at Extreme Rules where anything goes. They are starting to build a good story here. I might even look forward to this match by the time of Extreme Rules.

Zack Ryder vs Kevin Owens- This ending was predictable as they not going to take Kevin Owens out of the fatal four way. But, a good showing by Ryder. I was kind of hoping that someone would interfere and cost Zack the match to build a rivalry for him like Viktor and build a match between the Hype Boys and the Assention when Konnor returns.

New Day vs Dudley Boys the match was awful, we all knew who was coming out to interfere, and it happened. I should have just fast forwarded it through it.

AmbroseJerichosJacketBig Cass vs Chris Jericho The lights go out and Jericho’s jacket lights up. Then it starts to move and looks like it is flailing. Then someone else looks to put it on and that person walks backwards to the ring. Then stands and strikes the “Jericho Pose” in the ring for the hot camera. The light come back up to reveal that it is Dean Ambrose! He then takes the next 10 minutes and absolutely destroys Jericho’s jacket as Raw comes to a close. I liked the concept, was it was live and the segment seemed to last about 5 minutes to long.

Best Match- Sami Zayn vs Miz

Best talking segment- Chris Jericho by himself and with Big Cass

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