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3 Impacts From Impact

Last night’s Impact Wrestling was full of memorable moments, but which ones stood out the most? Here are my 3 Impacts from Impact!

  1. Now that Ethan Carter III suffered his first pinfall defeat at the hands of Mike Bennett, he is on a path to right that wrong; a path that will see him attempt to overcome his “demons,” as Bennett stated, to get the rematch he has wanted for weeks. Step One was not an easy one; yes, it was against Rockstar Spud, but no opponent is easy inside Six Sides of Steel. Plus Spud has been known to bring the fight to his opponents, EC3 included, even without a cage. Spud did just that, but EC3’s drive for redemption proved stronger, and he won the main event. Phase One:  complete.
  1. EC3 wasn’t the only one facing demons, as Jeff Hardy dealt with plenty of them last night. A Tag Team Championship bout with James Storm as his partner against Decay ended with Willow (yes, you read that right) appearing to distract Jeff. Of course as we all know, Willow is Jeff Hardy’s alter-ego; a persona he took on two years ago, and this set Jeff off. He was determined to unmask the fake Willow, who apparently was revealed to have paid off Decay to attack Jeff last week, but he was confronted by a second Willow, and later a third! None of them were unmasked, but Matt has to be one of them. I still say Spud is one of them as well; probably took off the gear to face EC3 later on. Tyrus couldn’t be the third, so what if Reby was actually one of the fake Willows? Hopefully, next week will give us answers.
  1. For the second straight week, Sienna made an impact (pun intended) in the Knockouts Division. A week removed from her attack on Jade, Sienna was enlisted by Maria Kanellis to keep a watchful eye during Jade and Gail Kim’s Knockouts Championship match, but to no shock, she got physically involved attacking both champion and challenger, finishing her attack with her piledriver to Gail. It clearly seems like Sienna is destined to be Knockouts Champion. The only question remaining is, “When?”

Those are my 3 Impacts From Impact! Next week is the big World Title confrontation between Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley! Until then!

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