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The Ultimate Fighter #1 vs #2

UltimateFighterSuarezWhile Watching the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter, I couldn’t help but think about the latest NCAA tournament. When we watched Indiana vs Kentucky, we weren’t surprised that we were watching the match-up, but we were surprised to be seeing the game so soon in the tournament. #1 overall pick Tatiana Suarez was matched up with #2 overall pick JJ Aldrich, a fight that Aldrich said she saw coming since the beginning of the tournament. The only discrepancy, was that she expected the fight would be featured in the semi-finals instead of the 1st female fight on the show. This was a confessed tactic by the fight selecting coach Claudia Gadelha. She wanted to take Joanna Jedrzejczyk’s best fighters out before she was able to gain any momentum.

This would seem like a risky move, but when your fighter (Suarez), was once the top ranked female wrestler in America, you take these kinds of risks. As much as I wanted to root for the underdog (Aldrich), she just didn’t seem to have much of a chance. From the beginning of the fight, she looked to be overwhelmed by Tatiana’s grappling. She was able to land a short elbow which cut Suarez, which was the main focus of her corner in between the 1st and 2nd rounds, but she would never get a chance to capitalize. Suarez landed several takedown’s before sinking in a very textbook rear-naked choke on JJ, in a very one-sided bout.

CAST-REVEALED-FOR-THE-ULTIMATE-FIGHTER®-TEAM-JOANNA-vs.-TEAM-CLAUDIA-415x260Gadelha is now 2-0 so far on the show, and looks to continue the streak when she selected one of her best fighter’s (Andrew Sanchez) to take on the very effective striker from Joanna’s team, Myron Dennis. Sanchez entered the show by defeating one of the most hyped fighters to ever enter the house. Phillip Hawes was projected as the early favorite when the TUF 23 cast was announced, but he didn’t even make it into the house, as he was overmatched by Sanchez in the opening bouts. Myron Dennis also made short work of his entry opponent. Something has to give when these two men meet in next week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter.

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