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Canelo Alverez (46-1-1) vs Amir Khan (31-3) on HBO Paperview

For the last three years Amir Khan has been searching for a big fight. Numerous times he has called out Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Unfortunately both fighters ducked and dogged him repeatedly and never gave him a chance. This Saturday live on pay-per-view he will get his chance at the Middleweight Championship of the world, when he faces Canelo Alverez. Alverez is considered by many the best boxer in the sport and the main pay-per-view attraction in the boxing game today.amir-khan

Shah Khan, Amir’s father and manager said, “This has been a dream for Amir, to get to the top and fight the best fights. Amir always said he wanted this fight and we worked hard towards it.”

“I think it worked out for the best,” Khan said. “I’ve always wanted to be in a big fight like this and give the U.K. fans a huge fight and this is the chance to give them a big fight but not only to give them the fight, but to win it as well. I’ve always said I belong at the top and this is my time where I show that.

“It’s amazing to be headlining here with a big name like Canelo, who’s a superstar. People have me as a guy who has no chance. But this is what makes this fight really exciting for me because I’m the guy who’s supposed to walk in there and get beat, but I’m not gonna let that happen.”

“A win against Canelo would be one of the biggest wins of my career because he is a superstar, especially on this Cinco de Mayo weekend in front of everyone. I have trained and worked on my speed and my power.” Khan concluded. CaneloAlvarez              

“Khan is a very fast, very elusive and very tricky fighter. But I am happy with the work I have done and I am ready to go in the ring and break him down.” explained a confident Canelo Alverez

“I want to thank all of my fans for the support. I am very honored to be celebrating on Cinco de Mayo, and I hope to put on a great show on Saturday night.”

“I’m training hard for 12 rounds. I’m ready to go all of those rounds, and if the knockout presents itself, I’m ready to take it.” he finished with a determined look on his face.

Many people give Amir Khan no chance at winning Saturday because many believe that Alverez will be too strong and big for Amir Khan. Alverez who is also considered the more skilled fighter, has knockout ability and Khan is known for having a weak chin. If Amir Khan wants to go the distance and have a chance to win he needs to keep the fight on the outside. Khan needs to use his only advantage of speed to confuse and neutralize his power. Even though Amir Khan is the quicker fighter I think Canelo Alverez will win the fight by a fifth round knockout and continue his dominance in the sport of boxing.       

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